Barb Leclerc


Virtual Yoga for Seniors

The past year of quarantine and isolation has taken a significant toll on people. Our bodies and minds are experiencing this long-term effect, and for seniors, that strain feels even more profound. It is time to refresh, rejuvenate and rebuild our bodies and minds. One great way for seniors to do this is with virtual Yoga.

Gaming for Seniors

Video games aren’t just for kids anymore. People of all ages are diving into the imagined worlds of video games, from traditional consoles to mobile apps, and some are proving to have surprising benefits. Gaming can help seniors create new experiences and even stay connected to others.

Never Too Old to Learn

We’ve all heard the expression, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” However, studies show that it’s never too late to learn. The benefits from learning late in life are vital to keeping our minds and bodies healthy for longer and can hold many aging diseases at bay.

The Best Vitamins for Seniors

Most of us don’t get every single nutrient we need to stay healthy in mind and body, and for this reason, turning to vitamins can help supplement what we are missing. In this blog, we explore the most important vitamins for seniors and where to get them.

Helping Seniors Eat Their Best

You can’t have good health without good nutrition, and this gets even more challenging with old age. Seniors in residential assisted living don’t just want to survive, they want to thrive, and nutrition plays a big part. Here are a few ideas to help you get your seniors to eat their best.