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Guide to Memory Care

There is a distinct difference between operating a traditional assisted living home vs. providing memory care services. Most people have no point of reference as to how the brain of memory care patients works. It is important to consider all the critical components when implementing memory care into your residential assisted living home.

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Guide To Beginning Chair Yoga

Some seniors are getting stronger while sitting on the sofa. RAL homes are helping the elderly with a technique that promotes health benefits and eliminates ailments.
There’s a new trend in senior living about an ancient exercise called yoga. It’s proven to be healthy for the mind and body.

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Guide To Creating A Memorable Home Tour

When preparing for a senior home tour, there is a specific vibe that must be created to compete. Most homes aim to create a comfortable, friendly and family-like experience. There are some need-to-know details that are stopping some homeowners from getting past the starting point of filling their RAL homes with residents. In order to do so, there are 9 unavoidable tips every owner and operator must consider. When you follow our need-to-know tips, the competition will not faze you.

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Water Is Vital… How to Get Seniors to Drink More of It

Water…one of the building blocks of life. Everything we do is made possible by water. The organs and complex systems in our body can’t work without it. Even minor dehydration can have a significant impact on our body’s function. Maintaining proper fluid levels helps optimize brain function, energizes muscles, controls metabolism and normal bowel function as well as contributes to pain management. Dehydration is a significant issue, especially when it comes to senior health.

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Guide To Retaining Qualified Staff

Retaining quality staff is a significant issue for assisted living homeowners and managers. Staff retention requires several tools and strategies that must be implemented and monitored regularly. Homeowners win with staff retention strategies which provide several positive results: caregivers have less stress and are more productive, caregivers are happier in their jobs and less likely to leave, and best of all, happy and satisfied caregivers have very positive impacts on your residents and their families.

Your Admissions Process

Is Your Admissions Process Hurting Your Success?

Making the decision to place a parent in an assisted living home is a daunting one, filled with emotion, uncertainty and often skepticism. If there are additional barriers in the admissions process to compound the difficulty, your RAL business could be losing out on more potential residents than you think. It might be time for a quick check-up on your system of admission.

Losing our Seniors History

We Are Losing Our Seniors & Their History One Brain at a Time

Life is made up of a series of stories and no two lives have the same script. Anyone who has spent time with an elderly family member can see just how much the stories of our lives want to be told. These memories that we pass along are often less about the memories themselves and more about who is listening to them and what impact they have on their lives. Do the seniors in your life have stories that are waiting to be told? What can you do to help preserve their legacies?