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Embracing “The Golden Girls Trend” in Residential Assisted Living

Baby boomers are adopting a unique strategy for addressing the cost of living and need for community. Baby boomers have developed much more independence, but rather than living alone or joining a senior community, many of these adults have sought out other seniors to share housing costs and responsibilities. These roommates, or “boommates” maintain their independence while also creating a support community that they can depend on. Residential assisted living can help address these same issues. Not all RAL homes are for those who need 24 hour caregivers present. Many RAL owners are already adopting this “Golden Girls” model and are providing a safe and affordable home for seniors to thrive that embraces their desire for independence while also supporting their need for community.

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Pro-Tips for Senior Health and Wellness

Senior health and longevity are dependent on so many factors. One simple tip to addressing a number of these health factors is to offer your residents opportunities for yoga exercise. Yoga focuses on physical pliability as well as strengthening the mind-body connection, which is great for mental acuity. And don’t worry, for those seniors who have limited mobility, chair yoga has also been shown to result in many of these same benefits. Help your residents remain mobile while stimulating their minds and you will find benefits to not only their health, but to your RAL business as well. It doesn’t take much; the key is to just get moving.

Music Therapy for Seniors in Assisted Living

Music Therapy for Seniors in Assisted Living

Everyone can appreciate the feeling you get when you hear your favorite song. Music has the power to take us back in time, and to evoke memories and feelings from the past. Hearing a song you love can offer comfort and cheer during times of sadness, and can even turn a bad mood around almost instantly. Music therapy has been proven to help seniors restore and maintain their health, as well as help them recall memories and fight depression.

Why Memory Care Is Key To Your Residential Assisted Living Home

Why Memory Care Is Key for Your Residential Assisted Living Home

Fifty million people across the world are struggling with dementia. And although doctors and scientists are still unsure exactly what causes this condition, there are many factors that can be addressed to reduce the risk and severity of this disease. Residential assisted living has the opportunity to be at the forefront of dementia prevention and management. Adapting your RAL home for memory care is a great way to Do Good and Do Well.

Home Tours How To Create A Memorable Experience

Home Tours…How to Create a Memorable Experience

The assisted living industry is a competitive one that requires RAL owners to seek excellence. One way that you can help your RAL business and distinguish yourself from the rest is to create a home tour experience for prospective residents that shows off the best of what you have to offer. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential resident…What are they looking for? What needs do they have?