Boosting the Online Presence of Your Business

Your business thrives on reputation. You could have the most amazing team and provide the highest quality service in your RAL home, but if your online presence isn’t great, you could be missing out on a lot of opportunities. Here are some tips you might want to consider…

In this innovative season, every business is aiming to boost its online presence, but many do not know how to do so.

There are a lot of services such as SERPninja and free tools to help you in the process. 

Most people spend more hours in one day using digital devices than they spend sleeping. People have various digital identities, from gaming and social sites to professionals and consumers. 

As a result, the online presence of your assisted living business means everything. Research shows that 97% of consumers go online to find and research local businesses.

The internet is evolving, and people are riding the wave, therefore your business will suffer without it. 


The more ways you can place your business in front of your target audience, the more opportunities you’ll have to build brand awareness. According to a review of Invest Diva, diversifying your marketing channels and strategies can also help to maximize your reach and impact.

It’s important to always be in the process of improving your brand reputation. 

Five Ways Online Presence Benefits Assisted Living Businesses

1.     Market Your Business 24/7
2.     Be Seen as A Legitimate Business
3.     Save Money Using a Digital Marketing Platform
4.     Get Discovered
5.     Get More Conversions

It’s often said that “people do what other people do,” it’s called flock mentality. Each of your online assets gives power to one another. To own and operate a successful senior housing business your online presence is the way of the present and the future. 


Your website is the first online source consumers think to search for when looking for content about your business. 

According to seo companies for audiologists, other forms of marketing are important, such as social media, ads, listings, and direct mail, but their first inclination is to go to your website. 

How badly do you think it affects your business that about 56% of consumers won’t take you seriously without a website?

This was a 2017 consumer report statistic, which means by now, that number is likely higher with the entire world living life through virtual means due to the pandemic. 


1.     Get a modern, easy to use, and attractive website
2.     Perform Search Engine Optimizations with the latest updates in mind 
3.     Target more keywords with a business blog
4.     Maintain and monitor your listings
5.     Think audience, not followers
6.     Post with emotion for shareability
7.     Perform social media SEO
8.     Start with heavy hitters like Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook
9.     Have a proactive review strategy
10.  Write irresistible subject lines for email marketing
11.  Leverage the power of video for more shares and memorability
12.  Google Local Service Ads
13.  Invest in Social ads
14.  Limit the number of social media platforms to only what you can handle and buy engagement from
15.  Use mobile-specific marketing strategies
16.  Use guest posting to reach more potential customers
17. Build relationships with Loyal customers, Writers, Reporters, Influencers, Fellow business owners, Vendors, and Neighboring businesses
18.  Encourage your employees to share your content with their networks


Managing and building an online presence can pose a lot of challenges. However, there are a lot of free tools and resources to help your business experience high returns. 

Seven Free Tools to Increase Your Online Presence 

1.     Google Search: Google yourself. See what shows up on the SERP. Hopefully, your website is the first result, and your Google My Business profile appears on the right. It’s likely that the rest of the results will be directory sites that have you in their database.  Also, this guide from Web 20 Ranker will help with the best SEO advices from experts.
2.     Google Alerts: Set up Google Alerts so you can be notified when new results for a topic show up in Google Search—i.e. your business.
3.     Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test: Simply Google “mobile friendly test” and enter your website into the search result.
4.     Google’s Page Speed Insights: When you plug your website into the PageSpeed Insights tool, you’ll get a score for both mobile and desktop as well as recommendations to improve page speed.
5.     WordStream’s Google My Business Grader: This is just one of the many small tweaks you can make to your profile to get big results. WordStream’s free Google My Business Grader identifies what’s missing in your profile and exactly what you need to do to improve it.
6.   LOCALiQ’s Digital Marketing Health Check: With LOCALiQ’s free presence checker, enter your business name and address and get a report showing you which of your business listings are complete, which ones are missing information, and which ones are missing entirely.  
7.     WordStream’s Google and Facebook Ads Graders: Our free Google Ads Grader and Facebook Ads Grader tools perform a thorough audit of your accounts and provide a detailed report on optimizations you can make to increase the visibility of your ads, prevent wasted spend, and get more conversions. 


Use these strategies and tools to enhance your online presence, and ultimately, increase your revenue. You can only exist in one place in the physical world, but with the internet, you can be in countless places at once.

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