Communicate with Digital Signage in Your RAL Home

Communication is key in any business, and the same is true for residential assisted living. When keeping residents healthy, informing your staff, or engaging new prospects, communication is critical. One simple way to improve communication with your residents, staff, and guests is with digital signage.

Digital and traditional office signs in senior living communities keep residents and staff informed, minimize stress, and engage new prospects.  If you want to get the best deals on signage, her comment is here which you can check out!

What is digital signage, and why haven’t more residential assisted living homeowners heard about it? If you are new to the term, click to find out more or continue reading to have an idea.

Utilizing digital signage as communication in your residential assisted living business can improve the quality of life for seniors.

This article will give RAL owners and operators four important perspectives on how digital signs can benefit their businesses. You can also sign franchise opportunities here if you are interested in starting your own business.

4 Needs-to-Know Facts About Digital Signs

  • The Importance of Resident Communication
  • How to Supercharge Senior Living Activities
  • Connecting with Senior Living Staff with Digital Signs 
  • The Best Way to Utilize and Manage Digital Signs in Senior Living

Digital signage allows residents to stay updated on activity schedules, group outings, daily menus, and other communication for healthy senior living. 

It is important to use accessible and easy to use communication tools for seniors. There are four things to take into consideration when getting the right digital signage solution.


Using digital signs creates an interconnected community of seniors that occupy an accessible RAL home where all residents feel involved and prioritized. 

Communication makes people feel connected and important. 

As a result, digital signs have the potential to help you achieve exceptional communication throughout your residential assisted living business.

Television screens are an important and simple form of digital signs

Information displayed on television screens are very familiar digital display formats for older adults. 

Simple TV screens can easily be transformed into digital signs, making them major information hubs.

While this method seems so simple that it’s second nature, seniors benefit most from this medium of television screens. 

In addition to cleanliness, good food and quality caregivers, great communication is a huge benefit for residents and future prospects. 

Ultimately, better communication can help combat loneliness amongst aging adults.

This is why technology is the way to go – digital signage is accessible, affordable and effective.

Technology is helping owners and operators to improve mediums of communication, which is critically important. 


It’s important to promote creative engagement amongst the elderly because studies show that engaged seniors are happy and healthier.

As a result, they live independently longer than their peers. 

Living in a residential assisted living home can be intimidating for new residents.

Digital signs expose seniors to activities even when they are not trying to seek them out. 

They help seniors to learn what’s happening and when – this supercharges senior involvement in assisted living activities.

Routine Uses of Digital Signs

1.     Connect with Residents

Digital signs transport information about resident activities without an added effort. Show residents useful, engaging information by streaming special events, showing local news and weather, and promoting activities, as well as sharing dining menus.

2.     Connect with Staff

Digital signs are more visually interesting, less disorganized, and more up to date. Target those hard to engage staff members who could use a connection point with leadership. Broadcast motivational words, videos from management, or content for new employees.

3.     Connect with Prospects

Digital signs continuously revolve through spaced repetition of slides which improves the recall of information amongst seniors. Customize your digital signs to reach potential prospects. Display a special welcome message, show off highlighted activities, and share fun facts about your residential assisted living home.

Practical Uses of Digital Signs

a)     Display upcoming events

b)     Share daily dining menus

c)     Welcome new residents

d)     Celebrate birthdays

e)     Livestream fun activities 


1.     Eliminating the Process of Duplicating Unnecessary Work 

a)    Eliminate frustration with technology and allow caregivers to spend more time with residents.

b)    Find a digital sign provider with quality content management that allows times for more staff efficiency. 

c)     Empower your staff to spend less time on administration and more time with residents by eliminating repetitive, inefficient processes. 

d)    Simplify communication with a central information hub.

2.     Attracting and Retaining Quality Staff

a)    Show employees that you care for them by engaging and retaining employees with tailored content.

b)    Give staff the tools they need to be productive. 

c)     Reduce staff responsibilities and burdens, which will reduce turnover. 

d)   Implement the right equipment and software that empowers staff to quickly and easily share events, announcements, and dining menus. 


Find an experienced company that specializes in digital signs, a technology partner who provides comprehensive customer support. 

When your residential assisted living home utilizes your digital signs correctly, your entire business will benefit. 

6 Benefits of Properly Utilized and Managed Digital Signs

1.     Reliable digital signs provide beneficial broadcasting 24 hours a day.

2.     Your digital sign should generate a wow effect on your prospects.

3.     Every part of your organization can benefit from digital signs. 

4.     Digital signs can transform your RAL home tour experience.

5.     Build an affinity for your community. 

6.     Shows what a well-connected community has to offer.

The best digital signs are those that provide quality content. This means your management system must be based on technology that automatically generates designs, with easy editing capabilities, and format priority messaging. 

When purchasing a digital sign, remember that the software is equally important – it will determine the advantage or disadvantage that a digital sign will impose on your workflow. 

On the other hand, a good management system reduces responsibilities and effort required. 


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