December 2019

Thank you for your continued participation in one of the most rewarding industries out there. At the Residential Assisted Living National Association, we recognize the work and dedication it takes to care for and invest in our nation’s seniors.

Whether you are an owner, manager, caregiver or investor, the business of taking care of our seniors couldn’t be done without you. We realize that in this industry there might be times when it feels like your efforts aren’t being fully appreciated. We appreciate you. We understand your struggle and we are here to support you. We are so glad that you are a part of this community and we wish you joy and happiness over the holidays and success in the new year.

Resources to Explore

Creating A Desirable Culture In Your Residential Assisted Living Business

Workplace growth happens when owners and operators use pro-tips to infuse positivity into the workplace. There are nine known components created with assisted living industry leaders that place emphasis on positive workplaces. The bottom line is that fun at work impacts productivity, which can ultimately ensure the success of your residential assisted living home.

A Few Minutes Can Go A Long Way With Your Staff

Does your management team frequently communicate with your Residential Assisted Living staff on a daily basis? Communication is key. Employee engagement has more to do with the manager’s involvement than most people think. Harvard research shows that 70% of employees participate fully when supervisors show a sense of connection by simply communicating. Productive managers communicate through multiple means, close loops by returning calls, emails and answering questions, and by setting clear goals.

Ways to Help Residents Who Are Socially Isolated

How can you tell if residents are suffering from isolation or simply like to keep to themselves? Senior isolation is not inevitable, and it is reversible. Residential assisted living caregivers need to understand the facts in order to address feelings of loneliness as seniors age. There are critical concerns about how isolation impacts seniors and poses red flags for physical health and mental wellness.

Playgrounds For Seniors?

It is an undeniable fact that senior playgrounds nurture social, physical and mental health. Playgrounds are proven to improve fitness and reduce loneliness, even among seniors in assisted living homes. So why do adults think playgrounds are just for kid activities?
Seniors need the same motor skills. Fresh air and sunshine mixed with social interaction provide a combination of communication skills also needed as seniors age. This is why the idea of playgrounds and parks are not limited to schoolyards for kids only.

This comprehensive training walks you through the many aspects that help inform and instruct you to become or sharpen your skills as an assisted living home operator specializing in memory care techniques.

This 12 video memory care training will analyze the key factors and concerns to equip you with the knowledge required to open or convert your home.

Hear from expert doctors who work with Memory Care homes on important considerations and valuable insight in the understanding and operation of your memory care home.

Put Your RAL Home On the Map

Join the nation-wide network of RAL owners who are raising the bar and contributing to standards of excellence in caring for our seniors.

The RAL National Association gives you the chance to market across our vast network of RAL homes, placement agencies, trainers, suppliers, and investors.

Take advantage of this opportunity for your RAL business and explore the many other essential benefits of RAL National Association membership today.

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