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Residential Assisted Living National Convention

We want you at RAL NAT CON 2020 — October 9-11

Join Us For The Premier Residential Assisted Living Event of 2020

RAL NAT CON is unlike anything you’ve experienced in the assisted living industry! Every year business owners, managers, caregivers, industry leaders, vendors, and anyone exploring the RAL industry gather together to learn, experience, and help one another in pursuit of doing good and doing well.

We want you to join us for 2020! When you register for RAL NAT CON 2020 you punch your ticket to a prosperous future!

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Exclusive Member Events


Marketing your RAL home with

There are major changes happening in how families are finding care options. As the Gen Xer’s and Millennials become the primary caregivers, they will look for you online. But they aren’t looking at your website!

Is your residential board and care community positioned properly to win this business? Do you know how to cost-effectively attract and convert new customers online?

Join us for this 60 minute webinar with sales expert Peter Droubay from to discover just how important it is to have an online presence in addition to your website!


RALNA Presents, Brent Kesler with The Money Multiplier

Do you want to know how to break down the mysteries of wealth building?

Brent Kesler and his team at The Money Multiplier have broken it down to bite-sized chunks that any high-schooler can understand. The building blocks of the method that they teach at The Money Multiplier, starts with “the why” and ends with everything about an abundant life that your heart desires.

Brent will discuss how to unlock wealth in ways that all the well known billionaires have been doing for years!

You won’t want to miss this event!


RALNA Presents, Roundbox Equity

RoundBox Equity’s mission is to provide qualified investors entry to an alternative investment option, giving them diversification away from the volatility of Wall Street, while assisting them in building passive income.

Learn how roundbox equity can help you invest in RAL OR help you find investors for your RAL project!


RAL Marketing Roadmap

Max Keller is a real estate investor, bestselling author, and highly sought-after consultant, speaker, and expert panelist on the topic of lead generation and marketing for real estate investors.

Max will be teaching critical points from Steps 7, 9, and 10 in the RAL Roadmap and will teach you a simple 3 step funnel that he uses to consistently bring in new prospects!