Fair Housing, Zoning and HOA's with Michelle Pinkowski

Fair Housing, Zoning and HOA’s with Michelle Pinkowski

There is so much information needed to inform entrepreneurs on the best way to set up a business in the residential assisted living market. Instead of searching on your own, why not rely on the experience of the professionals? Join us to explore fair housing, zoning and HOA's with Michelle Pinkowski.

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Knowing your rights as they pertain to The Fair Housing Act (FHA) can be a valuable asset when looking for the ideal location for your residential assisted living home.

 The community you desire to settle in must comply with the FHA and its guidelines. These guidelines include zoning regulations, homeowner’s association (HOA) rules and deed restrictions. Being informed will protect you and your residents from housing discrimination in the long run. Watch this informative webinar with attorney Michelle A. Pinkowski as we have an in-depth discussion about the history of the FHA and the amendments. You will also learn how the FHA applies to present-day business property transactions. During this webinar, Michelle will address the following:

The Fair Housing Act, Zoning, and HOAs – What You Need to Know

  1. What the Fair Housing Act is and how it applies to residential assisted living
  2. The importance of knowing how to read a zoning regulation in record time
  3. How to avoid mistakes in determining the number of residents you can have
  4. Best ways to handle HOAs and deed restrictions

What does the Fair Housing Act have to do with owning a RAL home? This is an important question that will be answered during the webinar. Michelle A. Pinkowski is a principal of Pinkowski Law & Policy Group, LLC. Pinkowski Law & Policy Group is a law firm supporting RAL owners in matters of land use and licensing issues. Michelle has helped dozens of RAL investors, owners and operators find the perfect locations for their assisted living homes. She is a board member of Residential Assisted Living National Association. She is on the drafting committee for the Facilities Guidelines Institute Design Standards for residential assisted living homes. Register and we will send you the recording for this important content.

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