February 2022 Newsletter

Do You Love What You Do?

There’s nothing like living life with purpose, waking up every morning excited to get going and accomplish the plans that you’ve set out. The feeling of satisfaction is even greater when your purpose involves helping others.

Life isn’t always easy, and people often need help navigating along the way. That’s why we choose to be the difference we want to see in the world.

There is a reason that so many entrepreneurs are drawn to the investment opportunities in residential assisted living. Not only is this industry financially rewarding, but the purpose that it brings and the chance to help those who need it is even more rewarding.

The RAL Academy is so much more than just a place for training, we provide education, support, and an incredible community. We have found the key to doing good and doing well, and it is extremely rewarding to help others find that freedom and purpose in their lives as well.

The bottom line, we care about people. We care about seniors and their families, and we care about the people who care for those seniors. That’s why our mission is to empower investors and entrepreneurs to excel in this industry by training them to do business with quality and excellence.

If you have yet to find your purpose, don’t worry, there is still time. The key is to start asking the question. What change do you want to see in this world?

We hope you find your purpose and begin doing what you love.

Do Good and Do Well,
The RAL Academy Team

Passion Matters

Your passion in life matters. It is the driving force behind success and happiness that allows us to live better and more meaningful lives. If you feel unfulfilled and directionless in your job or career, the solution might be closer than you think.

Why We Do What We Do

We care about people. Like you, we have heard and seen bad examples of seniors not being treated with the care, dignity and respect that they deserve and it breaks our hearts. We recognize the importance of seniors and how vital it is to provide a comfortable, safe environment for them to thrive in their twilight years.

It’s So Much More Than Just Assisted Living

What we do in life is important, but why we do it may be just as important. When your why informs what you do, it pushes you to excellence and to strive harder to provide the best good or service possible. This is why all assisted living is not the same…not even close.

The RAL Academy is the nation’s premier training resource to help novice and seasoned entrepreneurs to take advantage of the incredible investment opportunity in Residential Assisted Living.

Explore Our Numerous Training Opportunities Here

Begin your journey in residential assisted living with our certified training course from the comfort of your own home.

There has never been a better time to invest in residential assisted living!

Every single day, 10,000 Baby Boomers are turning 65, and 4,000 seniors are turning 85. This trend will continue for the next 20 years, requiring a continuous demand for quality senior living homes. This is the biggest growth sector of a generation – and the financial opportunity doesn’t depend on what the markets are doing!

Acquire training from our business and investment experts, who will explain step-by-step the RAL Formula™ that turns a single-family home into $10-15k cash flow every single month.

America’s #1 source for a senior care home investment & business education, the Residential Assisted Living Academy is ready to train you for success.

Whether you’re looking for supplemental income or a new path in your career, the investment opportunities in Residential Assisted Living are undeniable.

Live In-Person 3-Day FAST TRACK Experience

A face-to-face training event to help you quickly move from interest to investment.

March 31 – April 3, 2022
July 28 – 31, 2022
September 8 – 11, 2022

Can’t Come In-Person?
We’ve Got You Covered.

Certified Online Training Course

Get the same great training & resources from the comfort of your own home.

February 17 – 20, 2022
June 2 – 5, 2022

Gain the tools and information you need to get started in this incredible industry.

Courses fill up fast, so reserve your spot now!

Make Your Plans Now…It Will Be Here Before You Know It!

Professionals from across the nation will be gathering in Phoenix, Arizona to be at the forefront of the solution for senior housing in America.

If you are a RAL owner or looking to become one, this is the place to be!

At RAL NAT CON you will connect with RAL experts, lenders, investors, equipment suppliers, and support service providers, as well as other RAL operators all looking to network and raise the bar of excellence in this industry.

We’re Better Together

Because when you’re changing lives, it’s much harder to do it on your own. You want people in your corner who can support you and bring greater success to your business. So join us this fall at the RAL National Convention!

RALNA Legislative Updates

As a RAL National Association member, we advocate for you. We’re here to support you and bring you the latest information you need for your RAL business. A significant amount of legislative activity occurred this past year surrounding residential assisted living. Thankfully, we have had an opportunity to be behind the scenes with the development of legislation in many states. Check out our blogs to stay up-to-date on legislative changes affecting our industry.

Management Tips from Special Ops

Sometimes it’s refreshing to look at our businesses from a different perspective. Using the experience and wisdom from others in a different field can help us see things we might have become blind to in our organizations. Here are a few tips from special ops that could change the way you lead.

Do You Know the Value of Your Business?

If you are a residential assisted living owner or operator, your business means a lot to you. It is your heart, and you’ve put a great deal into it. But do you know the value of your brand? And do you know what an honest appraisal of your RAL brand can do for you and your business?

Connect with us on social media to stay up-to-date on everything the RAL National Association is doing. We are stronger together.

Hear From Our Students

Don’t take our word for it…just listen to our students. We have helped thousands of entrepreneurs from across the country just like you find their purpose and invest in the biggest opportunity for the next twenty years.

Do you want to learn how investing in residential assisted living can give your family the comfort and security they deserve? Learn about our proven model of success and start building your future today.

You won’t find a better business for the next two decades.

If you want to learn more about how to get started go to RAL101.com right now!

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