How an Optimized Website Can Lead to 100% Occupancy

Optimizing your business website can lead to filling beds in your residential assisted living home. Owners and operators must pay attention to the important details of the business in order to stay in the forefront of potential residents. Learn how to evaluate your website content and SEOs to stand out amongst the competition in client searches.

Achieving 100% occupancy with a wait list is a feat that is 100% possible in residential assisted living, even in current market conditions. 

However, this mission requires you to invest in strategic marketing tools like website development, search engine optimization, and some general website maintenance solutions. 

Do you want to increase your occupancy and proactively build a waitlist for your residential assisted living home? There’s no time like the present. 

According to Google, 46% of all searches have local intent. With social distancing and most big box retirement communities temporarily closed for tours, prospects are searching online. The keyword ranking tracker can help with making the SEO of a website better. Local SEO Joy Hawkins offers free SEO training courses which will help to develop and maintain a good website which can attract the readers faster in a short period of time.You can also go for link building packages for best seo results.

Website searches are how people are learning about their assisted living options.

So, let’s find out how a branded, optimized website can help your care home skyrocket to 100% occupancy. 


When prospects or adult children research senior living for themselves or their loved ones, they need to genuinely believe you pay attention to the details. 

It’s all in the details.

Paying attention to the details means:

  • Providing quality relatable content 
  • Promoting well-written materials and blogs, 
  • Populating thought-provoking questions and answers about “what’s in it for them” 

Your website should highlight relevant content regarding services, care and potentially costs. 

Paying attention to the details also means having a fast loading website. 

Forty-seven percent of users expect to wait two seconds for a website to load. Anything longer drives prospects to a competitor’s site. 

Slow-loading websites costs businesses $2.6 billion in lost sales each year. 

Don’t let this be you.

Ensure your detailed eye also extends to website hosting that is reliable, so when prospects want to browse your site, they are not waiting for it to load, continuously interrupted, or kicked off. 

The smallest hiccups, typos, inconsistencies, or mistakes on your website may give the impression that you just don’t care about the details that truly matter. 

Your website and the content you build on it is a reflection of the care you will show to potential residents and their adult children – put your best foot forward. 

Make sure you regularly check all your links, update phone numbers, and ensure your website loads on all platforms. 

You can do this while standing in line at the grocery store. Just remember, the details matter. 

As a result, give the details a little tender-loving-care each week. 


As per SEO agency in Sydney, for starters, you should know what SEO means for the success of your website. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

It is the placement of specific keywords and phrases and certain web design that will help your web page appear near or at the top of Google’s search results. 

This is the ultimate goal, right? 

Part of understanding SEO is realizing its importance. It truly is the key component to being found by prospects on any search engine platform. 

When you try to find something new or you need a specific service, where do you look? Like you, most people and prospects will take to Google right away. 

It’s so common that people say “Google it” in response to a question they need to know more about. 

Three Things You Should Know About Web Presence 

  1. Statistics prove it is the #1 search engine driving 96% of mobile search traffic. 
  2. Studies show that between 70-80% of people research a company online before visiting the small business or making a purchase with them. 
  3. If your website does not show up when prospects search, they won’t even consider your home for themselves or their loved ones – because they can’t find you. 

You cannot impress prospective residents with your residential assisted living home if they cannot find you. 

Invest in website optimization, SEO services, and continuous maintenance of your website. 

These marketing tools will help you rank at the top of Google searches and ongoing work will help you hold your position to increase your community’s occupancy. 

These efforts will continuously enable your website to get maximum hits. 


One of the best things about creating a branded website and keeping it optimized is that it forces you to look at your website more often. 

A watchful eye will be the key to your success. 

A common mistake business owners often make is building a website, adding some blogs or content, and then never looking at it again.

Even worse, some owners and operators fail to analyze their SEO rankings until something goes wrong. 

Are you guilty of this? If so, it’s ok – but a branded, optimized website can make all the difference. 

If you strategically build your website, focus on search engine optimization, and pay attention to the details, prospects will follow. 

Do You Want Your Website to Get More Traffic?

  • Add more content, 
  • Focus on SEOs, 
  • Incorporate creative web design, and 
  • Craft inclusive branding. 

In turn, you will be enticed to look at your website to better monitor your results. 

These proactive steps will force you to make decisions about whether or not you need additional marketing tools or strategies.

They will also help you identify any key elements you might be missing. If you follow these easy to do professional tips, you will be well on your way to locking in more leads.

If your residential assisted living home doesn’t yet have a branded website, get a free consultation with:

Scott Marketing & Consulting Group combines SEO knowledge with top quality website building.

They have a keen eye for detail and branding. 

They work diligently to ensure that your website always looks its best, performs well, and continues to slide you up the rankings until you reach the top. 


Your residential assisted living home can be most successful when you connect with the right resources to advance your business model.  

Every residential assisted living business needs a tune-up from time to time. 

The Residential Assisted Living National Association is here to provide information, resources and support for RAL owners and staff. 

RALNA advocates for residential assisted living business owners and operators supporting them with guidance to legal expertise, continued education, national marketing, group purchasing power and a continual positive voice for the industry.

For continued support and professional tips on optimizing your success in administering quality senior care start by clicking here.

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