How to Boost Your Team’s Morale

We’ve all heard the saying, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” Most of us realize the importance of teamwork in business, yet how often are business leaders actively empowering and supporting their employees’ path to greatness? How is your team’s morale?

It’s not unusual for businesses to suffer as a result of toxic work environments that fester in low morale and limited motivation.

There are 5 key benefits that residential assisted living homeowners experience when they invest in high employee morale in the workplace.

  • Improved productivity
  • Decreased call offs
  • Higher staff retention
  • Quality senior care
  • More creativity and connections

Every successful business owner wants to reap the benefits of a healthy work environment, but what exactly is required to boost employee morale in assisted living?

The first step to motivating your staff is to celebrate their sense of worth – that’s right, show them you care.

Motivating modern workers starts with focusing on the personal preferences and individuals needs of each employee. This means you will have to establish relationships amongst your staff – this is the only way you’ll know what matters most to your employees. Afterward, you’ll be able to meet some of their most meaningful needs.

Oftentimes, these needs are not monetary. Therefore, caring for caregivers doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to boost your team’s morale.


“Boosting morale is all about helping employees maintain a work-life balance” according to the book “Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em.” Co-authors Sharon Jordan Evans and Beverly Kaye strongly encourage owners and operators to focus on flexible scheduling and showing concern for personal needs like family demands. Ultimately, they encourage residential assisted living home managers to offer a supportive work environment that is sensitive to the needs of their employees.

Based on the book suggests that 4 of top reasons jobs retain employees include:

  1. Being surrounded by good people
  2. Having autonomy
  3. A sense of control over their work
  4. Flexibility in work hours and dress code


It is an undeniable reality that people value simple recognition such as certificates, breakfast treats, and gift cards.

Employees like to know that what they are doing actually matters and it’s up to you to show them it matters. As a result, residential assisted living homeowners can boost staff morale acknowledging hard work and achievements with added autonomy. Employee growth increases morale, and it also benefits the overall business. You can actually recognize employees by sending them to memory care seminars and caregiver conferences.

Recognition is not always about earning additional wages or benefits, but also about empowering individuals to see how they are an important part of the process. People will do so much more for you when you recognize their achievements as a fundamental part of your success.


The root of the word morale is moral, and that says an awful lot about how employers treat employees. In fact, until the 18th Century, these words were spelled the same, “moral” – until the French added an “e.” Good character, communication, connections, and confidence should be the focus on your residential assisted living employees.

Overly stressed employees disengage, their work suffers, and they often quit.

In an effort to avoid the latter, the following 6 steps will help you define the building blocks of high energy to boost morale.

  1. Communicate Regularly

Your staff will always have opinions, and you should let them know that their opinions matter by including them in important conversations that will affect their jobs.

One of the simplest ways to improve employee morale is by communicating. Check-in regularly. Ask questions.

Treat your employees like people…like family. Communication is the number one way for owners and operators of assisted living to enhance the work environment.

  1. Solicit Employee Feedback

You are not an island when it comes to creating solutions. Remember, if you want to go far, you must go together.

Solicit feedback. When employees feel as though their feedback is valuable, you are more likely to get better results during daily duties.

  1. Make Unwavering Business Decisions

Decisiveness is an absolute must for business owners – don’t get stuck on the fence.

Start by educating yourself, collaborating input, weighing the pros and cons, and then make a decision. Afterward, stand by it. Whether pass or fail, be transparent about what worked and what didn’t. Your unwavering leadership approach will enable employees to trust your guidance. Employees would rather follow a vision, instead of chipping away at something with an unexpected end result.

  1. Devise Incentives that Work

Be intentional about rewarding employee performance. Incentives should empower individuals with personal and professional growth. Purchasing books, paying for courses, and practice providing employees with rewards they will value and that show you value them.

  1. Sing Employee Praises on Social Media

Recognizing employees on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a great morale booster. A supportive company culture on social media allows staff members to feel proud of what they do and incentivizes them to reach even higher. Singing employee praises on social media promotes positive energy and keeps the morale high.

  1. Promote a Fun Work Environment

Start by simply scheduling some casual one-on-one time to get to know your residential assisted living staff on a personal level.

Remember, employees are human beings. Upbeat communication, appropriate jokes, and celebrating important occasions and holidays, are a few ways to increase morale. More than anything, remember to communicate regularly. Communication helps people feel a sense of connection and confidence.


Building employee morale starts with good morals – it works hand-in-hand. Unless you are willing to leave your island of leadership to get to know your employees, you won’t discover new opportunities.

Here are 13 questions you can use to test your employees’ morale:

  1. Do you like coming to work?
  2. What do you like about your workplace the most?
  3. How connected do you feel to your colleagues?
  4. Would you say that the office atmosphere is friendly?
  5. Is there anything that is stopping you from giving your all on the job?
  6. Do you feel that your personal values are reflected in our company’s values?
  7. Do you feel respected in your workplace?
  8. Do you feel our organization cares about you?
  9. Do you have goals you are working towards in your job?
  10. What do you think our company could do to raise employee morale?
  11. Do you feel like you get enough feedback on your work?
  12. How meaningful do you find your work?
  13. Are you satisfied with your work-life balance?

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