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Is the Future of Medicine Here?

It’s no surprise that technology over the past few decades has revolutionized the medical industry. Are we about to enter a new paradigm for achieving optimum health? Our bodies’ electrical systems might hold the answer.

As owners and operators of residential assisted living homes, understanding the future of medicine gives you a better idea of how to prepare for optimal success. When the 9th largest pharma in the world says the body’s electrical system is the future of where to help people the most, people take notice. So, what is the body’s electrical system and why is it so important?

Sympathetic And Parasympathetic Systems

Have you ever heard of fight and flight or rest and relaxation? The sympathetic and parasympathetic systems have especially important and completely opposite functions.

Sympathetic system 

Directs the body’s rapid involuntary response to dangerous or stressful situations. A flash flood of hormones boosts the body’s alertness and heart rate, sending extra blood to the muscles.

Parasympathetic System 

Conserves energy as it slows the heart rate, increases intestinal and gland activity, and relaxes sphincter muscles in the gastrointestinal tract. If you are facing something you know can do great body harm, you want all your blood to be diverted from your stomach and non-essential organs for running. You want all the blood you can get to your heart, lungs, legs, and brain. So, your body can make millisecond decisions to save your life. 

  • When severely cut, we want blood vessels to constrict to stop the bleeding. 
  • When relaxing, having a meal, or listening to music, we want all the required amount of blood to evenly flow through the muscles. 

Unfortunately, studies have found that most people are under tension, and their body is waiting to dart from danger. The body gets worn out being prepared for disaster. The first technology is to help the body return to rest and relax as quickly as possible. In this relaxed state, the body concentrates on the systems to protect the inner body from infection and disease. This is the first important reason to work with the body’s electrical system. There are two new German medical devices that have been developed to target every cell and energy system of the body. Besides the sympathetic and parasympathetic, the next area completely controlled by the electrical system of the body is the muscles. 

Increasing Blood Flow

When most people think muscles, they think of catching a baseball or running a race. This part of the system is called skeletal muscles. Did you realize that you have many more muscles that you have little control over? Most seniors are very content that these muscles do not need permission. There are muscles called soft muscles, that operate every organ in your body which feeds on blood. These organs include eyes, lungs, stomach, heart, brain, etc.

What we feed our body determines how blood is delivered to every cell. However, oxygen fuels the blood, as well as through the absorption of chemicals and other substances through the skin. The new FDA Class 2 device supports healthy aging, energy, vitality, and recovery of muscles by increasing local blood flow by 29%.

While physicians are able to surgically manipulate larger arteries and veins, enhancing micro vessels require new innovative technology. When we increase the blood flow, we enhance cellular function. Visit www.tinyurl.com/wtpfda for more information about FDA marketing disclaimers for these new wellness technologies. Increased blood flow has been utilized by 4000 hospitals and clinics in 42 countries for 20 years to aid patients in health recovery.

  • Hospitals use this technology as supplemental treatment
  • A NATO hospital performs 350 sessions a day for all their patients.

So, what happens to a cell when it has much more oxygen, nutrients, white blood cells going in and waste going out? Seniors find themselves feeling better and living healthier lives. Just to clarify, this only takes 8 minutes twice a day to administer to each one of your residents. There is no exercise protocol needed. This pad touching the person’s spine, either sitting up or laying down, is called the basic program. NASA, NFL alumni, Swiss Olympic teams, and thousands of athletes benefit from this technological simplicity. I hope you are beginning to get the idea as an owner and operator of a residential assisted living home. This technology is FDA cleared for acute, chronic pain due to overexertion or chronic pain and arthritis relief.

Preparing For The Future Of Residential Assisted Living 

Countless seniors in residential assisted living would appreciate the opportunity to relieve their pain, especially with natural remedies. New technology is able to assist people in more than 18 areas of their bodies, now a days technology has gone so far that it even offers EMR for Hormone Therapy Practices. Residential assisted living business owners who aim to provide innovative resources to equip seniors with quality of life. The Residential Assisted Living National Association is here to provide information, resources and support. RALNA advocates for residential assisted living business owners and operators with guidance for legal expertise, continued education, national marketing, group purchasing power and a continual positive voice for the industry. For ongoing support and to learn about new innovative practices start by clicking here.

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