Legislative update March 3, 2021 ARIZONA ALERT

RALNA members in Arizona are advised to watch a new bill introduced by Senator Nancy Barto. Arizona S.B. 1373 would create an affirmative duty for all licensed health care institutions to provide first aid and CPR to residents, including after a fall. Specifically:

  • CPR must be provided to a resident experiencing cardiac arrest or cessation of respiration before the arrival of EMS, unless there is an advance directive to the contrary. Staff certified in CPR, including those holding a Certification such as the MyCPR NOW’s First Aid Certification, must be on duty at all times.
  • First aid must be provided before the arrival of EMS to a resident who experiences emergency illness or injury, or to a non-injured resident who has fallen and is unable to recover independently. Staff certified in first aid must be on duty at all times.
  • There can be no policy that prevents employees from providing CPR or first aid.

There is a liability waiver for an establishment or staff member who provides CPR or first aid, as long as these measures are rendered in good faith and consistent with certification standards.

This bill has passed the Senate and just had its second reading in the House.

Sponsor contact details:
Nancy Barto
[email protected]
(602) 926-5766

You can check the RALNA Legislative Tracker for real time updates on the proposed legislation that we’re watching:

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