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Vendors and professionals uniquely wired to serve the needs of Residential Assisted Living businesses. Find solutions for accounting, utilities, legal advice, marketing, and many other essential needs or a successful RAL.

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Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks, is pleased to have a partnership with Residential Assisted Living Academy. As part of the partnership between Residential Assisted Living Academy and QuickBooks, you are eligible for exclusive discounts, most notably a 40% discount on QuickBooks Online Essentials and Plus for 12 months! However, the discounts are ONLY available if you sign up through the site or directly with Chadwick Farrell, your dedicated account manager.

Pinkowski Law & Policy Group
Attorney Services

Lawyers who Understand Residential Assisted Living

Pinkowski Law & Policy Group, LLC helps developers and operators of assisted living homes locate and establish their facilities so you can focus on the business of caring for people. With RAL clients across the U.S., Pinkowski Law & Policy Group can help you:

– understand zoning requirements;
– assert your rights under the federal Fair Housing Amendments Act;
– conduct a market analysis of your target area;
– navigate licensing and regulatory issues.