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Vendors and professionals uniquely wired to serve the needs of Residential Assisted Living businesses. Find solutions for accounting, utilities, legal advice, marketing, and many other essential needs or a successful RAL.

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PR Security

In the case of a crisis, your company needs to move fast. In order to do that, you need even faster insights. Social platforms, through the billions of conversations happening every day, provide the unique insights you need to make the right decision when faced with a crisis, regardless of how large or small. Not only does PR Security empower you to prevent a crisis by quick detection for immediate engagement, but it also gives you the tools to analyze the effectiveness of your decisions.

Today’s communication environment means you can go from hero to zero at the speed of an Instagram post. Getting ahead of an impending crisis can mean the difference between getting back to normal operations fast and shutting your doors forever. Get the expert advice and training you need to be a PR Security professional today!

Paper Raven Books

Paper Raven Books is a publishing team that works with entrepreneurs and platform builders who want to write, publish, and market a book that levels up their business and platform. We believe in partnered publishing—that means the author and the publisher are on the same team. You bring your bold message, and we help you shape it into a beautiful book. You control the creative vision, you maintain all the legal rights, and you keep all the profits. Just the way it should be.

Majestic Residences Franchise
Senior Care Products


For years, people have been asking,

“why isn’t there a reasonable franchise option for Residential Assisted Living?

The fact is, until now, the choices were limited to either to buying an existing business or starting one from scratch.

Now there is a 3rd option… Announcing,

The Majestic Residences Franchise System.

Majestic Residences is a residential assisted living home franchise system that utilizes industry specific brand standards, one-of-a-kind services, technology, marketing, and national name recognition.

The goal of Majestic Residences is to help existing homes that want to convert and businesses that are just starting up, to better compete with the large corporate “Big Box” assisted living communities in your area.

The franchise opportunity is open to select current RAL owners and new potential owners who want to be “founding franchisees” to see increased profitability while providing great care by taking advantage of the scalability and expertise of a franchise model.

Franchising isn’t for everyone. And not just anyone can be awarded a franchise location.

To find out if an RAL franchise is the right option for you, let’s have a conversation and discover that together.


At Keap, we’re dedicated to a single purpose — helping small businesses succeed. We believe in the passion and dreams of entrepreneurs. We believe they are job creators, problem solvers, innovators and the backbone of the economy. We help entrepreneurs rethink how to get organized, grow sales and save time. Our extensive ecosystem of products, services and local partners is focused on simplifying sales and marketing so that entrepreneurs can spend more time doing what they love.

7X Capital

We Help You Raise Capital Easier without Begging Investors. Our team helps you build a pitch, presentation, process and brand of strategists combining business, marketing, communications, and design to develop meaningful, differentiated, and authentic brands to help you raise capital faster and easier.

We’ve been raising capital since 1999, and there have been many changes since then. Unfortunately, you may be using old “standard industry” strategies that just don’t work very well. You may be like many of our clients which have tried the “good ole boy” approach or “paid” to gain access to family offices and other institutional investors. You’ve gotten a lot of “we’ll think about it” and “maybe in a few months..” but very little capital to show for it.

With our bleeding-edge approach to testing new strategies and techniques, we cut out the middleman and help our clients raise capital directly from the Accredited Investor. 7xCapital has a track record of clients raising $1MM in a week and clients raising over $40MM and $50MM. Our clients have found when selling to investors, image and presentation matter which have largely been ignored. More importantly, we create a unique sales process for each client to suit their skills, talent and resources. Rather than sending out an OM or PPM and expecting a response, start using a proven system to have investors follow up with you.

Our clients found when raising capital from individual investors, a typical pitch deck or pitch presentation format would not work. Think about it. You’re pitching to someone that doesn’t know how to evaluate a pitch. Instead, take an approach that suits the non-professional Accredited Investor. When you’re ready to stop begging for capital, contact 7x!


Senior Care Products

Carely, an affiliate company of, is the maker of the simple and secure caregiving app built for residential assisted living and care homes.

Assisted living homes use Carely to save time and show off the great care and quality of life being provided for residents.

Securely communicate as a team
Share real-time updates and photos with families
Securely message families

Do it all in seconds from your phone with Carely.


Senior Housing Investment Partners
Business Advisors

Our Investor Partners Receive Outstanding Returns Backed by Safe and Secure Senior Housing Opportunities. When it’s Your Money on the Line… Success Matters!

Visit our booth or send us an email for your FREE Copy of “The Insider’s Guide to Investing in Senior Housing” by Gene and Jim Guarino

Acra Lending

Acra Lending, the industry’s leading Private Mortgage Lender specializing in loan products designed for self- employed, investor and foreign national borrowers. Our suite of programs are designed to provide lending solutions across multiple channels including Wholesale, Correspondent, Fix & Flip, and Consumer Direct lending.

Four Peaks Funding Solutions
Financial Planning

Our team can provide income and growth through the private investment market to qualified investors.

Quest Trust
Financial Planning

Quest Trust Company administers IRAs for the purpose of investing in “alternative” investments, including real estate, notes, oil and gas, and private placements, just to name a few of the almost endless investment possibilities. All of the accounts offered at Quest Trust Company are self-directed, meaning you get to make the decisions and our staff will provide expert account administration and transaction support services. We like to say that our best clients are the most educated clients, so in an effort to help you make the best investment decisions, we offer several educational weekly classes in our offices and online. In addition, each month Quest holds many presentations, workshops and seminars across the U.S. to educate people and allow for excellent networking opportunities.

Real Estate Guys Radio
Real Estate

The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show is a real estate investing talk program for investors and has been broadcasting weekly on conventional radio since 1997. The podcast version of the show is one of the most downloaded investing podcasts on iTunes.

Hosts Robert Helms and Russell Gray are outspoken advocates for the many benefits of syndicating private capital as the fastest and most effective way to quickly build a well-diversified and professionally managed real estate portfolio.

The Real Estate Guys™ Secrets of Successful Syndication training has helped launch the careers of many syndicators, some of whom have each raised hundreds of millions of dollars in private capital … in just a few years.

Madison One Capital

Madison One Capital delivers a superior borrower experience for small business owners and real estate investors nationwide through certainty of execution, hands-on service and innovative financial solutions.