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Vendors and professionals uniquely wired to serve the needs of Residential Assisted Living businesses. Find solutions for accounting, utilities, legal advice, marketing, and many other essential needs or a successful RAL.

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NCH offers private consultants to guide you through building an effective strategy to minimize your tax liability, protect your personal assets and preserve your wealth.

SRA 831(b) Admin
Business Advisors

More growth also means more risk. SRA has made it possible for any successful business owner in the residential assisted living industry to take advantage of the same risk mitigation tools previously reserved for Fortune 500 Companies. We have solutions to help you mitigate risk through tax-deferred dollars and address threats to your success including brand protection, 3rd party business interruption, dispute resolution, data breach, professional liability and more. You have concerns that keep you up at night. Do your part to ease those worries by implementing a turnkey 831(b) risk mitigation strategy.


Protect Wealth
Financial Planning

Protect Wealth Academy is an education company, pulling together experts and service providers on lawsuit protection, income tax reduction, estate planning, and wealth creation. Our education training programs are designed to build and protect our student’s wealth through solid education and a connection with vetted professional organizations.

Premier Law Group
Attorney Services

Legal counsel to real estate syndicators. We are trusted and endorsed by the nation’s top real eastate experts.


Our mission is to transform your financial future by providing a way to take control of your retirement money that is stranded in 401K or IRA Accounts.

Cost Segregation

Cost segregation services are one of the most effective ways to free up liquidity and improve cash flow. By reclassifying some assets, you have the ability to accelerate the depreciation of real estate assets. When you leverage these accelerated depreciation deductions, you can defer tax liabilities and improve cash flow.


Caring Data

One destination for Residential Assisted Living Facilities for Communication and Documentation to track resident and staff information.

Propel your Assisted Living business with a professional communication and documentation tool to track resident and caregiver information.

The End of Alzheimers

Dr. Bredesen is internationally recognized as an expert in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. He graduated from Caltech, then earned his MD from Duke University Medical Center in Durham, NC.

Young Living Oils
Equipment and Supplies

I am an independent distributor for Young Living Essential Oils, a lifestyle company most known for its essential oils. While essential oils are far from new, they have been largely forgotten in Western healthcare until recently. More and more people are learning about the benefits of essential oils and my goal is to teach my customers how essential oils can be used to address common health concerns without the harmful side effects of prescription medicine as well as how essential oils can be sued to support the proper function of all major body systems. Essential oils can be extremely beneficial in the elderly as they are sometimes more susceptible to harmful side effects than others age groups. As we know, polypharmacy in the elderly has been an ongoing concern for many years and is associated with many negative consequences including the risk of adverse drug events as well as increased healthcare costs. I believe essential oils can be used in so many ways and want to teach others how to use them safely and effectively.


InfeXBloc is an operational architecture that will help you make your senior care facility pandemic resistant

Inspired Dementia Care

Receive professional support and training for your staff in the best practices of providing quality dementia care in your homes. The evidence-based knowledge and training tools you receive will not only create a more supportive and personalized setting for your residents, but also help to reduce staff turnover, reduce move-outs, and provide confidence in new residents and their families that your community understands and provides true person-centered care. Our dementia care specialists have created a tool kit for you to provide visual, verbal, daily and monthly inspiration to build a dementia specialized care team.

Our services include:

Monthly posters – 12 unique Building Blocks of Care; 2 frames included
Conversation cards – 224 cards highlighting the 12 Building Blocks of care; use daily to encourage learning and ‘how to’ thinking; use with residents to get their perspective
Monthly in-service lessons on the 12 topics
7 hour training for 3 staff members; learn the content and how to lead the inservice lessons
Inspired Dementia Care Certified Community designation for those completing the program and implementing the best practices
Ongoing support with video trainings and monthly newsletter
Members only Facebook page to link with other professionals in our field for support
Inspired Senior/Dementia Care curriculum was created by Leslie Fuller, MSW, LMSW who has been a practicing dementia care specialist since 2008. In addition to this curriculum, she is also a Certified Independent Trainer through Positive Approach to Care.

Tyent Water Systems
Equipment and Supplies

Tyent Water Ionizers transform ordinary tap water into healthy, ionized alkaline water.