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Senior Care Products

VertaClean is the world’s first and only standing foot cleaning system that allows you to soap and wash the feet without bending over, ever. It’s engineered to bring stability and engenious function to the shower. With minimal effort or ability you can have completely clean feet that smell great.


TopDoc RX
Equipment and Supplies

TopDocRX delivers highly effective and qualitative care direct to medical practices and patients using specialized monitoring equipment and personnel (Remote Patient Monitoring – RPM). We also offer a full suite of testing services in multiple states across the U.S.

IV Bars

If you are new to the concept of Intravenous Vitamin Administration, you might be wondering why you’re suddenly hearing so much about it. Why is it being relied upon by professional athletes and CEOs to Mothers with four kids? We created an environment most importantly for individuals seeking to support their overall health and well-being.

Intravenous Vitamin Administration represents an exciting new world in allowing us to help a wide variety of vitamin deficiencies and much more.

Guardian Pharmacy Services

At Guardian Pharmacy, our mission is to help long-term care pharmacies do what they do best—care for their communities.

Guardian Pharmacy Services combines the personal service of a local pharmacy with the technology, resources, and support of a national brand.

Every Guardian Pharmacy is given the autonomy to tailor their services to the specific needs of their local communities and residents. That important work is supported by our national team, who offer our pharmacies the expertise, strategies, and resources they need to provide the highest possible quality of care.

And we never stop improving. For example, our innovative GuardianShield program helps communities and residents use data from across our system to make better financial and clinical decisions.

At Guardian Pharmacy, it’s about more than just providing medication. It’s about our ongoing dedication to long-term pharmacy care and the communities and residents we serve every single day.

That’s why we’re a better kind of local pharmacy.

Note School
Financial Planning

Our mission is to provide superior training and vision concentrated on the note industry that is timely, relevant, and accurate and is presented in ways that are easy to comprehend and implement so that it leads to superb results. NoteSchool takes pride in delivering the highest level of note training that produces a path that enables our students to create wealth and a secure financial future. At NoteSchool we are fully committed to educating each of our students to be successful, ethical, and responsible leaders in the note industry as well as in their own communities.

Mom’s House
Financial Planning

To help families solve one of their biggest challenges in the journey to senior care by offering an easier, less stressful way to sell mom’s (or dad’s) house without cleaning it up, cleaning it out or paying realtor fees. Through our nationwide network of certified home buyers, we purchase senior homes outright, in as-is condition so families can close within weeks instead of months and get mom the care she needs.

Southern Bus & Mobility
Equipment and Supplies

Southern Bus & Mobility is a distributor for new and used commercial shuttle buses and vans, wheelchair vans, wheelchair lifts and mobility equipment. Leasing and financing options are available for any vehicle purchased with Southern Bus & Mobility. We have a full service and parts department along with a body shop. Southern Bus & Mobility can do everything from routine maintenance work, installation of A/C systems, installation of mobility equipment, and complete body/paint repair.

Senior Care Products

Dividat is a research-driven cognitive health solution company which helps the aging population improve their physical mobility and cognitive motor skills through exercise-based games. Our research proves that physical-cognitive interplay is the epicenter of our well-being and the synergistic effects of combined training (Think & Move) are paramount for living our best lives. Clinics, Neurorehabilitation Centers, Senior Living Communities, and Senior Activity Centers throughout the world successfully utilize the Dividat Senso daily.

Challenge yourself to a game on the Senso machine at the Dividat booth – the top three “Think & Move” scores will win gift cards totalling up to $1,000!

World Cinema
Software Solutions

Headquartered in Houston, World Cinema is a market leader innovating and delivering technology and services to resident-centric properties. The company was one of the first technology service provider to properties nationwide, beginning in 1974. Today, WCI is building on that legacy as a stable and trusted provider of video, wifi, surveillance, and connectivity services to some of the largest owners and managers of hotel, senior and multifamily brands in the world.

AL Advantage
Attorney Services

AL Advantage is a senior care software that offers a wide range of solutions to ensure that efficient workflows are in place for your staff and improved patient outcomes are met. AL Advantage has dedicated our time, expertise, and technology to specifically meet your needs and budget.

Our care management software is designed BY veteran caregivers FOR caregivers and is best known as the “easiest to use” technology in senior living. And because your team works around the clock for your residents, we’ll be available to support you 24/7.

Hallie’s Medical Staffing

Hallie’s Medical Staffing helps organizations solve their healthcare shortage challenges by delivering top notch quality healthcare professionals. We provide contract staffing, PRN or perm placement of healthcare professionals. For example: Nurses, CNAs, Med Techs, etc.

Senior Care Entertainment

At Sociavi, which is a Latin word that means “share” and “unite”, our mission is to provide the simplest way for aging adults to maintain communication and companionship even when they may have lost the ability to actively reach out by themselves due to dementia or normal aging, giving peace of mind to the ones who care for them.

Our specifically designed, touch screen communication device, the Sociavi C2M (Connect To Me), provides the users with a “small appliance”, that is simple to operate and easily integrates into their daily life. Simplicity is the Cornerstone of Sociavi: No Login, No Password, No Username, No Account Setup. Just a large screen hands-free device simple to navigate along with an array of brain fitness activities that stimulate and soothe the mind.

At Sociavi, we are proud to give Peace of Mind to families and caregivers through our Sociavi C2M which allows families to connect with their Loved Ones Far, Near, Simply, and Globally.