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Enviromed Sciences
Equipment and Supplies

The most advanced “occupied space” infection control technologies available, in a quiet, small footprint, commercial-grade application. Safely and effectively treats up to 4,000 square feet. Proactively helps protect against indoor Air and Surface contamination from viruses, shedding, allergens, molds, smoke, dust, and odors. Breathe Better, Sleep Better, Feel Better, Guaranteed!

Eden Alternative

We’re creating a world that celebrates aging and human potential. The Eden Alternative provides training and consulting services to organizations in search of revolutionary shifts in culture. We provide a flexible framework for personal and organizational transformation leading to vibrant cultures of empowerment, growth and purpose.

Celebrity Launchpad

Guaranteed Celebrity helps clients like authors, speakers, coaches, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, doctors, financial advisors, experts and leaders who are committed to impacting the world in a huge way, standing apart from and above their competition by using TV as a primary marketing weapon and massive competitive advantage.

Care Patrol

All CarePatrol senior care advisors and assisted living consultants are committed to finding the best community for your loved one. CarePatrol is the only senior placement agency with over 20,000 pre-screened communities and Local Senior Care Advisors.

Caregiver Training University

Caregiver Training University assists senior care companies and caregivers to train for senior caregiving by taking online training courses meeting state requirements. The interactive training has been developed to assist caregivers to understand senior care skills, safety and requirements along with additional topics in a format that is easy-to-understand and reinforces retention of information learned. Marketing tools enable companies to brand their training certificates and drive traffic to their own website to assist with Google ranking and branding.

JSR Associates, Inc.

JSR Associates, Inc. develops programming, planning, and care models with a focus on residents, staff, family, and visitors desired outcomes. JSR strives for sustainability; not only for the physical building, but also for person-centered care. The JSR team incorporates feedback from all stakeholders to develop design and operational solutions with the consultants, clients, and contractors. JSR uses evidence based solutions that are proven to reduce adverse events and increase resident and staff satisfaction and operational efficiency.

NorthStar PPE Solutions LLC
Equipment and Supplies

NorthStar PPE Solutions, LLC. is a woman-owned business that provides high-quality personal protective and safety equipment to government agencies, healthcare institutions, and industrial companies in the USA and Internationally. NorthStar creates value by providing consistent quality, cost savings, exceptional customer service, and supply chain efficiencies for our customers.

RoundBox Equity LLC

RoundBox Equity’s mission is to provide qualified investors entry to an alternative investment option, giving them diversification away from the volatility of Wall Street, while assisting them in building passive income.

As prudent entrepreneurs, here at Roundbox, we are creating new solutions, which adapt to the ever-changing market. This fund has explicitly chosen investments in the expanding and continually changing sector of assisted living.

We seek to invest in well-positioned companies with operational and strategic improvement potential and partner with management.

Eliminate vacancies! We offer four things to help you do this: 1. Promote your properties with enhanced listings on some of the most highly-trafficked senior care sites on the Internet. 2. Elevate your online image with tools to solicit and manage consumer reviews on the largest consumer review site for senior care services. 3. Receive pre-screened leads for families looking for assisted living and other senior services in your area. 4. Access our library of training on how to generate and convert online leads. All for one low monthly subscription!

The Money Multiplier
The Money Multiplier
Financial Planning

The Money Multiplier teaches how money really works with a 200-year-old concept. Instead of storing your paycheck at your local bank and letting the bankers lend out your money (and make a good living off it!), learn how you can become your own banker and how to be in control of your hard-earned dollars.The Money Multiplier is strictly educational. You determine whether you want to act with the information we provide. Brent Kesler, founder of The Money Multiplier, used this concept to pay of $984,711 of third-party debt in 39 months-without having to work any harder, change his cash flow, or take any additional risks. Brent will show you how to get all the money back for all products and services you will ever buy for you and your family, for the rest of your life.

Software Solutions

Systemate is a one-of-a-kind software that helps investors systematize & automate their entire real estate investing business. Users love our automation, marketing & follow-up technology that delivers unmatched results.

Systemate is currently marketing to over 300,000 motivated sellers over the entire country with an average response rate of 38%! Systemate is also a full CRM with powerful and unique features to easily help new & experienced investors easily make more profits in their business.


Ruby supports more than 10,000 businesses with live virtual receptionists and 24/7 chat services. But the big thing we do is a hundred little things that help owners cultivate great relationships with clients—from first impressions to lasting loyalty.

We’re like the modern version of a handwritten thank you note. Something you do because it’s the right thing to do, not because you have to. We give your clients the personalized service and interactions they deserve, making meaningful connections that help your business grow and thrive.

From virtual receptionists that greet callers, transfer calls, take messages, book appointments and perform intake to 24/7 live chat specialists that engage website visitors, answer FAQs and transfer leads to your team—Ruby is the dedicated teammate that makes each conversation better for you and your clients.