May 2021 Newsletter

Celebrate Senior Health

Did you know May 26th is National Senior Health and Fitness Day? I love that! You know the good ole phrase “if you don’t use it, you lose it”… we all know that’s truer than we’d like to admit.

I absolutely love watching videos of seniors who beat the odds and hit incredible fitness goals like doing a flip off a swing at 84 years old, or weight lifting at 72, or even salsa dancing in a competition at 90.

You’ve seen the videos, you know what I’m talking about. It makes me smile when I see seniors breaking those barriers and showing us that they’ve still got it.

This year, we plan to celebrate National Senior Health and Fitness Day in our care homes by using the stationary bike, offering walks in the rose gardens, offering a senior yoga class, and ending the night with some stress relieving stretches. We love to engage our seniors with these types of activities, and with summer approaching it’s easier than ever.

As the weather warms up, don’t be afraid to add in some light fitness activities for the seniors in your life. Not to mention, the food is getting fresher in the summer with lots of fruits and veggies coming into season, it’s time to liven up their plates with some beautiful mixes of colorful choices. If you have a fun idea on how you plan to celebrate National Senior Health and Fitness Day, let us know by replying to this newsletter, we would love to hear from you!

Have a Healthy and Happy May,
Isabelle Guarino

Building a Family Legacy & Generational Wealth

Building a family legacy and generational wealth is no easy task. It requires focus, and a good plan, and commitment. Recently, Gene Guarino and his family were on the cover of Realty411 magazine for their success in building a family legacy and generational wealth while teaching others to do the same.

The Difference Between Residential Assisted Living & The Golden Girls Model

Since the beginning of the 2010 decade, we have seen increased adoption of the golden girls model of communal living among seniors. The baby boomers have especially taken to this trend. While it does offer some benefits, there is a better option out there for aging seniors.

How to Avoid the Most Common Business Plan Mistakes

An entrepreneur’s business plan is essential for their budding business idea. It includes critical information about your business that informs potential investors on whether they will partner with you. Use this guide to avoid the most common mistakes people make when creating their business plan.

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A Word From RALNA’s President

2021 has been much more positive than 2020 for assisted living. Due to the impact of the pandemic, residential assisted living homes have generally been more safe, suffering far fewer deaths than the big-box assisted living facilities. The smaller, intimate setting seems to provide an inherent infection barrier simply due to much less traffic. Architects in the assisted living business have taken note and are even looking to find ways of duplicating the small home model inside their big facilities.

We are half-way through the year, and we see that smaller facilities are still leading the way with fewer falls, and far fewer infections. And now, most residents and caregivers have received their vaccines. Residential assisted living homes are doing it right!

These are important matters, and my experience in the assisted living community has been that the caregivers and administrators in residential assisted living are naturally positive people committed to making a happy and healthy environment for their residents.

That positivity combined, with quality care, is infectious and keeps seniors healthy and happy in residential assisted living. We are proud of the work you all do in this industry and we encourage you to continue striving for excellence.

With much admiration,
Brian Pinkowski

The Latest Legislative Update Affecting Residential Assisted Living

A number of states have passed or are considering passing legislation to shield certain businesses from liability claims for injury caused by exposure to this latest pandemic. Continue reading to find updates with RALNA’s special tracking tool for legislation, especially as it relates to pandemic liability.

Preventing & Managing the 10 Most Common Chronic Diseases

The biggest factor contributing to your residential assisted living business’ bottom line is senior health. Your senior’s health and longevity will keep them in your home longer and display to your community that your care is excellent. Are there steps you can take to fight these most common senior diseases?

Popular Hobbies for Seniors

The zest for life never ends and seniors in their twilight years want to experience just as much of it as their younger counterparts. So, they have lost a step and they can’t always remember where they put their keys, their desire to accomplish and derive purpose is still strong, so here are a few hobbies that your senior might want to explore.

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