National Search For Senior Talent

Seniors are making an impact like never before. Whether on social media or in the news, we are seeing more and more senior connection and talent than we have in years. And now that talent is being tapped with a talent showcase celebrating older adults.

Social media is connecting people of all backgrounds and all ages in ways that we haven’t seen before. Various platforms offer the chance to connect and collaborate with complete strangers to create and exchange ideas, and to make educational, entertaining, or just plain funny videos.

Now seniors, who are taking to these new social media platforms like a duck to water, are being given the opportunity to shine.

Connection is critical, and video-sharing platforms like TikTok connect people together, creating new forms of passing skill, talent, and wisdom to younger generations.

Seniors have been using TikTok and enjoying themselves immensely on the app for the past couple of years. The rise of TikTok has coincided with the social distancing brought on by the pandemic. The need for connection during isolation has been a blessing and has brought seniors into the fold in surprising numbers.

We always knew that seniors were talented, but in the digital age, seniors are learning new dances, songs, skills, and ways of communicating that help them thrive well into their golden years. Now is the chance to turn that new experience into something even bigger.

Silver Stars is looking for senior talent. This is the first talent showcase celebrating older adults with talents to share! They are searching for performers 65+ who are eager to share their talents with the world. Do you know a senior, or are you an older adult with an extraordinary talent that deserves to be celebrated? It’s time to step into the spotlight!

The following are rules and instructions on how to get your seniors involved in this opportunity.

Submissions Are Open Until September 6, 2021!

Submit a 60-second video of your talent for the opportunity to participate in our first show. Those chosen will be flown to Atlanta, GA, for an exciting week rehearsing with world-renowned Broadway and Hollywood professionals culminating in a performance on stage for a live audience!

Rules of Entry

  1. Performers must be at least 65 years of age.
  2. Performers must submit their entry before September 6, 2021, if they wish to be considered for the pilot episode. Entries received after September 6 will be considered for future episodes.
  3. Performers must live within the United States.
  4. Performers may only enter once.

How to Submit

We can’t wait to see your video! If you enlist the help of a friend or tech-savvy family member, the personal information provided with the entry must be specific to you, the performer. However, if using social media to enter, performers are welcome to use the account/profile of someone else as long as the information provided matches the performer and not the account’s owner.

All entries must include the following:

  1. A video submission, no longer than 60 seconds. Videos do not need to include anything other than footage of the performer’s talent. All personal information is to be included in the body of the submission (i.e., email, form, caption, comment). Submissions do not need to be highly produced to be considered. Videos taken via cell phone are perfectly acceptable, as long as the team can clearly see and hear the performer.
  2. Information provided should include the performer’s First Name, Last Name, Age, Location (State), and Performance Title. (i.e., Jane Doe (86) from Arizona, performing Rhapsody in Blue).

Submit a Video Here


Seniors are taking social media by storm, and we think it’s great. The meaningful engagement and contribution to community and culture help keep these seniors young and thriving.

At the Residential Assisted Living National Association, we are all about helping seniors get the quality care and attention that they deserve.

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