November 2019

We want to take the time this season to remember, honor and appreciate the family, friends, and neighbors who devote countless hours to providing care to their loved ones. Like so many of you, we love being involved with residential assisted living, but we also recognize that it is a part of a much larger network of people and organizations that make sure that our elderly population is cared for.

Caring for our seniors isn’t a business, it is a mission that involves heart, devotion, and numerous resources to ensure that our parents and grandparents are able to continue to enjoy a full and meaningful life well into their twilight years.

Family caregivers commit so much of their lives to this cause and we want to recognize and thank them for their tireless work that helps keep our families and communities strong.

Thank you for being a part of this vital and amazing community and remember to take the time this season to remember and honor family caregivers and those who do so much for our seniors.

Senior Health & Wellness is a Team Journey

What are the 5 key components every residential assisted living home needs to have in place to provide a quality health and wellness plan for seniors? And how can having a care-focused home result in a lower resident turnover and more satisfied residents and families?

Helping Seniors Remain Active & Engaged

There are many challenges that can get in the way of seniors enjoying an active and engaging lifestyle. From chronic illness or mobility issues to depression and loneliness, the path to wellness can be met with many obstacles. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that regular physical activity and positive social relationships can boost, not only physical health but mental health as well. It is the combination of physical and mental health that leads to longevity. How are you helping your residents stay active and engaged?

Embracing the “Golden Girls” Trend in Residential Assisted Living

There are 70 million baby boomers with one thing in common, they need a place to live. The options for seniors have never been more numerous as they are right now, and many are choosing a more communal option. A significant number of RAL owners are already adopting this “Golden Girls” model and providing a safe and affordable home for seniors to thrive. These homes embrace their desire for independence while supporting their need for community.

Therapeutic Fibbing…When Lying Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

For many seniors experiencing chronic neurodegenerative diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s, the ability to process reality can be extremely challenging. These disorders cause memory loss, confusion, and impaired mental function. Some health professionals and caregivers are finding that therapeutic fibbing can be a reliable way to engage seniors by stepping into their reality.

This comprehensive training walks you through the many aspects that help inform and instruct you to become or sharpen your skills as an assisted living home operator specializing in memory care techniques.

This 12 video memory care training will analyze the key factors and concerns to equip you with the knowledge required to open or convert your home.

Hear from expert doctors who work with Memory Care homes on important considerations and valuable insight into the understanding and operation of your memory care home.

Until now these live video recordings from the event were only available to VIP attendees. Now you can get all of the training and insight from the RALNATCON for yourself.​

Put Your RAL Home On the Map

Join the nation-wide network of RAL owners who are raising the bar and contributing to standards of excellence in caring for our seniors.

The RAL National Association gives you the chance to market across our vast network of RAL homes, placement agencies, trainers, suppliers and investors.

Take advantage of this opportunity for your RAL business and explore the many other essential benefits of RAL National Association membership today.

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