Our Members Are At The Leading Edge Of Senior Care

Our Members Are At The Leading Edge of Senior Care.

When it comes to senior assisted living, the experts in the industry agree that smaller is better. That’s why we’re helping you thrive in the midst of big-box giants.


On occasion, something sensational spirals into fruition, which makes us overly excited to share more secrets with our members. Well, this is one of those inspirational instances! We are happy to announce our new blog for the Residential Assisted Living National Association.

RALNA advocates for more than 20,000 residential assisted living business owners and operators nationwide. We support them with legal expertise, continued education, national marketing, group purchasing power and a consistent positive voice for the industry.

Our mission is becoming increasingly important as RAL members combat ageism and other proposals to push seniors out of smaller residential homes. RALNA helps seniors navigate from commercial and industrial districts to reclaiming the communities they contributed to for a lifetime. The assisted living industry is recognizing the reliable benefits to the smaller assisted living model. Our blogs will share useful and important information that will also help market your RAL home.

Our members are at the leading edge of senior care, and that fact is being “rediscovered.”

  • A conclusion reached by 500 conference attendees caregivers confirms that smaller is better.
  • Seniors like to be in a home environment – they don’t prefer to live on a resort-style facility.
  • Seniors seek community connections, which seems to cause them to live longer.
  • Smaller AL homes have higher caregiver ratios.
  • There is less risk of falls and neglect in smaller care homes.
  • Smaller AL homes are able and more likely to provide memory care for seniors with dementia.

In other words, smaller ALRs are being rediscovered as State-of-the-Art. When it comes to senior assisted living, the experts in the industry agree that smaller is better. That’s why we’re helping you thrive in the midst of big-box giants.

Recently, our involvement with expert committees of Facilities Guidelines Institute (FGI) has prevented policies that would have built roadblocks for the RAL industry. The FGI provides construction standard guidelines for hospitals and assisted living nationwide. RALNA researches and navigates the industry on your behalf to ensure your continued success, helping our members avoid unwanted blind spots.  We continue to offer support for our members that encounter difficulties and discrimination within municipalities and homeowners’ associations. Most importantly, we are extremely engaged in improving the quality of care for 10,000 seniors that are turning age 65 every day.

We are committed to the challenges of supporting the RAL industry and accommodating the needs of our members in order to best serve seniors nationwide. We look forward to networking with you at www.RALNATCON.com 2019 – the national convention is in Phoenix, Arizona this October.

Brian Pinkowski, President

Residential Assisted Living National Association

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