Partnerships With Skilled Nursing: Keep Your Residents Healthy

Partnerships With Skilled Nursing: Keep Your Residents Healthy

Most businesses are always looking for an edge, a way to reduce costs and increase profit. Fortunately, in residential assisted living, the key to success is healthy and happy seniors. Helping your residents live longer and healthier lives directly improves your bottom line. It’s a win-win.

To live long and prosper is a healthy desire that we all can identify with, no matter what stage of the aging process we are experiencing. Passionate residential assisted living owners and operators strive for quality care in their homes. Doing good and doing well is a priority when it comes to quality care and senior living businesses. Looking for long-term ways to improve the overall health of residents is a key component of a successful RAL business. This is how quality RAL homes keep beds filled. As a result, partnering with skilled nursing facilities (SNF) is one of a myriad of options to consider when it comes to prioritizing the health of seniors. These partnerships can be extremely beneficial for longevity, ongoing health, and maintaining a waiting list for your RAL home. Implementing unique partnership-based-systems will provide seniors with a safe haven when recuperating from illnesses. These SNF partnerships will also enable seniors to get the quality care they need outside of your RAL home, in order to return. There are 6 factors that you need to look for when identifying the most beneficial partnership.

Six Simple Highlights Of Quality Partnerships 

1.     Find Facilities with Low Average Length of Stay: Search for a skilled facility that has a low average length of stay – 35 days or less is ideal. Staying more than sixty days can cause families to move residents out of your facility to save the monthly fee. 

2.     Consider On-Site Therapy: Consider a facility where residents are provided with an opportunity to receive therapy such as massage therapy Cary, NC during the week with on-site therapists. 

3.     Partner With Practitioners: Partner with a facility where there is a medical practitioner in the building every day or at least 5 days a week. Residents need the ability to see a physician or practitioner any time they are sick. 

4.     Verify Daily Admittance and Discharge: Make sure that the skilled facility you choose is admitting and discharging patients daily. Extra time in the hospital will keep your residents bed bound on the weekend which will delay their recovery. This could prevent them from returning to your community. Buy the most comfortable hospital beds for sale online at

5.     Seek Facilities With 12 Hour Shifts: Find a facility staffed with registered nurses who have gone through a proper nursing program and who work 12-hour shifts to provide continuity of care. Also, make sure they have the ability to make judgment calls on a daily basis. Studies show that people get better care with a lower number of staff changes per day. 

6.     Look For Signs of Good Medication Management: Lastly, find a partner that is progressive with medication administration to ensure that your residents get their medications at the exact time they are required. 

Automated Medication Dispensing Machines 

Reducing medication errors is of utmost importance, and one of the best ways to do this is by using an automatic medication machine. There are a variety of brands used in various RAL homes, such as the Talyst brand. Most machines are located on-site in skilled facilities and hold 250 medications at one time. They help to reduce the time it takes for the facility to get all the drugs your residents may require. Additionally, these machines have an extremely small rate of error – dispensing medication in a matter of minutes. This technology frees up the staff, nurses and med techs to focus on providing quality care to your residents. They are said to reduce medication passing time from 2 hours to 35 minutes, also reducing drug costs by 20%. Utilizing this machine will ultimately have a positive impact on your resident’s longevity and your financial well-being. Do you have any partnerships with skilled nursing facilities that have systems in place to benefit the occupancy and success of your RAL home?

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