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Pro-Tips for Senior Health and Wellness

Senior health and longevity are dependent on so many factors. One simple tip to addressing a number of these health factors is to offer your residents opportunities for yoga exercise. Yoga focuses on physical pliability as well as strengthening the mind-body connection, which is great for mental acuity. And don't worry, for those seniors who have limited mobility, chair yoga has also been shown to result in many of these same benefits. Help your residents remain mobile while stimulating their minds and you will find benefits to not only their health, but to your RAL business as well. It doesn’t take much; the key is to just get moving.

Some seniors are getting stronger while sitting on the sofa. RAL homes are helping the elderly with a technique that promotes health benefits and eliminates ailments. However, this doesn’t mean that it will make them feel better at all times, if a loved one needs medical attention because of their pain then consider going to an integrative medicine clinic

There’s a new trend in senior living centered around an ancient exercise called yoga, which is proven to be beneficial for both the mind and body, especially in promoting senior fitness.

Most people who’ve tried it say they feel better. 

This is why the RAL National Association is spreading the news about chair yoga as a pro-tip for senior health and wellness as suggested by the experts found in site.


The 10 HEALTH BENEFITS of Consistently Practicing Yoga:


1. Improves Flexibility 

Exercising your range of motion and stretching tight areas improves flexibility in your hamstrings, back, shoulders and hips. Yoga helps reverse the aging process of seniors who spend a lot of time sitting.

2. Strengthens Core and Helps Weight Management

Many yoga poses require holding techniques and breathing exercises that help build core strength and manages weight loss and weight control. 

3. Increases Muscle Tone 

Muscle tone is a by-product of strength. Yoga increases muscles in your legs, arms, back, and abdomen but for those looking to obtain faster results, testosterone boosting dietary supplements may also help.

4. Enhances Mobility and Balance

Positions that require you to stand on one leg creates improved balance by building core strength.

5. Supports Joint Health

Yoga movements are low impact, allowing for joint movement and mobility that helps arthritis. 

6. Prevents Back Pain

Increased flexibility and strength helps prevent back pain by counteracting tightness and spinal compressions.  If you constantly experience back pain, you may see a doctor for medication or seek alternative options such as chiropractic treatment administered by a professional chiropractor.

7. Teaches Better Breathing

Yoga breathing exercises call for deeper breaths, which help clear nasal passages and calm the nervous system, in term benefiting the entire body. 

8. Fosters Mental Calmness

Yoga is an introduction to meditation techniques that call for intense concentration.

9. Reduces Stress and Promotes Relaxation 

Physical activity relieves stress, particularly in yoga. This is because it calls for individuals to be present in the moment, not dwelling on the past or focusing on the future. 

10. Improves Feeling of Well-Being

Yoga improves the mind-body connection, which makes people feel more comfortable with their self-awareness.


Yoga gives seniors a sense of inspiration because of all these health incentives associated with the easy exercises. There are so many people internationally that benefit from yoga. 


Known AILMENTS THAT DIMINISH with Consistent Yoga:


  •             Hypertension
  •             Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  •             Arthritis
  •             Depression 
  •             Osteoarthritis
  •             Diabetes
  •             Heart disease
  •             Scoliosis
  •             Sleeplessness
  •             Multiple Sclerosis, and 
  •             Vertigo.




It is important for seniors to consult their physician prior to starting any yoga regimen, even chair yoga.

Individuals who suffer from any chronic conditions or are inactive should especially seek physician approval.

For example, individuals who experience spinal disc problems should take special care, as there are twists, stretches and holding poses to avoid.


Yoga is appropriate for seniors in most cases. In fact, many people only find time for yoga after retirement, because of hectic schedules. 

Retirement is the perfect time to pick up healthy habits.

Yoga classes create the kind of connected community that builds friendships. These social connections are important for seniors to maintain health and well-being.

One great thing about yoga is that it works for populations with different physical abilities. This is why many seniors start off with chair yoga – it works for nearly everyone.

Although chairs with wheels, which are common in assisted living homes, are strongly ill-advised. They are unstable and unsafe for yoga. 

Chair yoga is a low stress, gentle form of exercise performed while sitting or standing and using a chair for balance and support. 

The ultimate goal of chair yoga is to practice deep breathing exercises that promote circulation and flexibility. Chair yoga is a general term used to describe a modified version of yoga for people who are restricted to chairs. 

This modification makes yoga accessible to people who cannot stand or lack mobility, such as seniors with osteoarthritis and other conditions.

Remember, do not use a wheelchair. 

While seated on chairs, seniors are able to do 10 various versions of twists, stretches, and bends.

Learn 10 CHAIR YOGA Poses: 


  •           Cat-Cow Stretch
  •           Raised Hands Pose
  •           Forward Bend
  •           Extended Side Angle
  •           Pigeon
  •           Eagle 
  •           Spinal Twist 
  •           Warrior I 
  •           Warrior II 
  •           Reverse Warrior


Research illustrates that the lifestyle benefits of yoga are exceedingly productive. Use these simple pro-tips for senior health and wellness and shift the mood in senior living.

Chair yoga is an explosive concept nationwide, and we have so many more pro-tips to help make your RAL home a successful, safe and healthy environment.

Let us give you all the pro-tips needed to put you on the right path to purpose, productivity, and purpose.

It doesn’t take much; the key is to just get moving.

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