RALNA Legislative and Regulatory Update January 5, 2022


With the Omicron variant causing concern among public health officials, we are starting to see states require not only vaccinations for health care workers, but boosters as well. New Mexico led the way in December 2021, followed not long after by California. Colorado, on the other hand, considered requiring boosters but changed its mind, instead requiring assisted living residences only to adopt a policy to “encourage” boosters.

With Omicron’s high transmissibility propelling the US into yet another wave, we expect to see more states with vaccine mandates add boosters to the requirement. We will track these requirements the best we can, although this can be difficult because the orders come from a variety of sources. RALNA members are advised to keep watch on the situation in their states to stay up-to-date on these rapidly changing rules.

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The State of California issued a public health order on December 22, 2021, requiring all health care workers to get a vaccine booster. Timing for the booster is based on the primary vaccination series. The Moderna or Pfizer series must be boosted six months after the second dose. The J&J shot requires boosting two months after the first dose.

The rule also requires additional testing for workers eligible for boosters but not yet boosted.

Facilities must be in compliance with the order by February 1, 2022.

New Mexico

On December 2, 2021, New Mexico issued a public health order requiring health care and congregate care workers to receive a booster shot to protect against COVID-19. The booster must be received by January 17, 2022, or within four weeks of becoming eligible.


As reported to RALNA members last month, the Board of Health considered, but did not adopt, a booster requirement for health care facilities. Instead, each facility is to develop a policy to encourage booster doses.

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