RALNA Legislative/Regulatory Update September 13, 2021

In our recent webinar on COVID-19 Risk Management for RALs and Group Homes, we promised to share tracking tools so that members can monitor the rapidly changing state of the law on vaccine mandates. We now have these tools available for you.

Vaccine mandates – and prohibitions on vaccine mandates – are being issued by states in various forms. In some cases, state laws were passed by, or proposed in, the legislature. In other cases, the state regulator issued regulations applying to employees of licensed facilities. And in still other states, action has been taken by the governor by way of an executive order. 

We cover all of these possibilities through the following tools, which members can access at any time to see the most recent updates in their states.

Laws: https://www.quorum.us/spreadsheet/external/yMYMmdIbhTPrxRbdmvtM/

Regulations: https://www.quorum.us/spreadsheet/external/AAniRGiaGwaJvYKmCkMl/

Executive Orders:  https://www.quorum.us/dashboard/external/fzcGmGwYwUmcVxMZwKSI/

Please note that these tracking tools do not cover action taken by the federal government, such as through the anticipated rules from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS) for facilities that accept this federal funding, or by OSHA for employers with more than 100 employees.

Neither this post nor the tracking links constitute legal advice. Contact your attorney for specific information pertaining to your specific situation.

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