RALNA Legislative Update April 26, 2021

Arizona: Proposed Alzheimer’s and Dementia Advisory Board

We published a Legislative Update on March 15, 2021, regarding new Alzheimer’s and Dementia advisory boards in Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma. Arizona is moving to join that group with SB 1537. Arizona SB 1537 proposes to establish the “Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias advisory council” to identify the needs of affected individuals, the services available in the state, and the ability of health care providers to meet current and future needs.

As with other commissions and advisory boards around the nation, there is no direct representation of the residential assisted living community on the board.

Voting members of the Board include one representative from each: assisted living facilities, adult daycare providers, and home care providers. However, the 1,800 strong residential assisted living community in Arizona is not specifically included.

Members serve for one year and are appointed by the Director of the Department of Health.

There are no guidelines for seeking or applying for an appointment from the Director. However, the size of the RAL community in Arizona may provide sufficient weight to motivate the Director to appoint a RAL owner to the Board to represent assisted living facilities.

Alternatively, RALNA members may contact the bill sponsors directly and encourage them to add a member on the voting board to represent residential assisted living. You can contact the bill sponsors below:

AZ Sen. Lela Alston (D-AZ-024)
Arizona Senate
Email: lalston@azleg.gov
Phone: (602) 926-5829
Room 311,
Capitol Complex – Senate,
Phoenix, AZ 85007-2890


AZ Sen. Sean Bowie (D-AZ-018)
Arizona Senate
Email: sbowie@azleg.gov
Phone(602) 926-3004
Room 308,
Capitol Complex – Senate,
Phoenix, AZ 85007-2890

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