RALNA Legislative Update December 19, 2021

Washington DC

Councilmember Trayvon White has proposed a bill that would require Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Facilities to designate a social worker to serve residents. This social worker is intended to provide social services which include advocacy, investigation, treatment, counseling, and other services that provide material aid or serve the social and emotional well-being of residents.

The proposed bill does not define the qualifications of the designated social worker.

The proposed bill uses the term “Assisted Living Facilities”, although the appropriate term by law and regulation in Washington DC is “Assisted Living Residences.” The proposed bill does not make any distinction between large and small ALRs.

This proposed bill is before the Council Health Committee and is set for public hearing on March 7, 2022.

To contact the bill’s sponsor to provide input:

Council Member Trayon White
[email protected]
(202) 724-8045
Twitter: @trayonwhite

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