RALNA Legislative Update June 7, 2021

COVID Liability Protection Summary

You might remember that a number of states were considering legislation to shield businesses from liability from claims for injury caused by exposure to COVID-19. This protection generally was designed to apply for businesses that were in compliance with relevant health guidance and who did not act recklessly.

Now that the 2021 state legislative sessions have largely come to a close, the results are in. Of the 44 bills that were introduced:

24 states enacted some form of liability protection
2 bills are sitting on the Governors’ desks, and

the remainder are in various states of “incomplete” (meaning that they “died” in session).

Here’s the breakdown:

You can find links to the bills on RALNA’s special issue tracker for COVID Liability Legislation:

Additionally, in Hawaii, Illinois, New Mexico, and Vermont, executive orders were entered to provide some COVID liability protection.

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