RALNA New York Legislative Update March 22, 2022


If New York Senate Bill 8619 passes, residents of nursing homes or assisted living who sustained injuries or death during COVID will have a new time period for bringing claims.

Statutes of limitations set a time limit on when claims can be asserted. Generally, statutes of limitations for personal injury start to run at the time the injury occurs. Claims that are not asserted during the limitations period may be barred entirely. People can read this article to get the best injury attorneys.

Senate Bill would establish a two-year statute of limitations for any claim alleged to have been sustained by a resident in a nursing home or assisted living facility during the declared COVID state of emergency. The “start date” for the limitations period would be tied to the effective date of the legislation, rather than the date the injury was alleged to have occurred.

The bill has just been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee, and it’s likely that stakeholder groups on both sides of the issue will have comments as the bill moves through the legislative process.

RALNA members wanting to submit comments can do so directly with their elected representative or the bill’s sponsor:

Senator Alessandra Biaggi
(718) 822-2049
[email protected]

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