RALNA Legislative update March 3, 2021


RALNA members in Oregon are advised to watch a new bill introduced by Rep. Nancy Nathanson on March 2, 2021. Oregon H.B. 3345 would require the Department of Human Services to conduct a study of staffing ratios of direct care staff to residents. The purpose of the study is to inform legislative changes “to limit increases in the cost of care in long term care facilities, residential care facilities and facilities with memory care endorsements without discouraging facilities from improving services, staffing ratios or wages paid to direct care workers.” In other words, to place a cap on rates while mandating services. We have categorized this bill as a high priority to watch due to its potential to impact the financial model and, thus, the financial viability of RAL homes. We encourage Oregon members to watch and provide input on this bill as it moves through committee.

Sponsor contact details:
Nancy Nathanson
[email protected]
(503) 986-1413

You can check the RALNA Legislative Tracker for real time updates on the proposed legislation that we’re watching:

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