RALNA Regulatory Update December 1, 2021


RALNA members in Oregon may have the opportunity to receive a grant for capital improvements and emergency preparedness. The state authorized $30M to fund the Long-Term Care Capital Improvement and Emergency Preparedness Program which provides financial assistance to long-term care providers that are preparing for, responding to, or recovering from a public health emergency.

The Oregon Department of Human Services is charged with the responsibility to adopt rules to implement this program. Provisions of the draft rules include:

  • The grant is open to assisted living facilities, residential care facilities, and nursing facilities. Grant funds can be used for: emergency preparedness, air quality, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, infectious disease prevention strategies, and technology to support virtual visitation.
  • Interested facilities must submit a prior authorization request to the Department. The requests will be considered in the order received.
  • A prior authorization request must include information on how the project will mitigate the spread of viruses, avoid emergency evacuations, improve overall emergency preparedness, or increase resident’s health, safety, or ability to communicate during a public health emergency. The prior authorization request must demonstrate an unmet need that will be met through the project.
  • The program will be implemented in phases. Maximum reimbursement amounts vary by phases, but include $1,500 per bed, up to $100,000.
  • Medicaid providers will get priority.

These draft rules will be the subject of a hearing on December 22, 2021. Comments on the rules can be submitted until January 21, 2022 at 5pm.

To attend the hearing:
December 22, 2021 @ 11:00am
Dial in: +1 (971) 277-2343, 816058702#

To submit comments:
Genevieve Sundet
971-279-9198 [email protected]

You can check the RALNA Legislative Tracker for real-time updates on the proposed legislation that we’re watching: https://www.quorum.us/spreadsheet/external/IdffDMhSQIlsDTHeEjNa/

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