RALNA Regulatory Update

2021 Legislative Session Comes to an End

In the United States, most states end their legislative sessions in June. This makes late May through early July very busy for the general assembly. Out of the hundreds of bills that we have been monitoring during this legislative session, eighty-three of them have been either enacted or sent to the governor for enactment.

While many states have enacted the bills that they will for this session, the governor in several states still has veto power over bills that they have yet to sign. The map below shows bills that have passed both houses of the legislature but have not yet been enacted. In Colorado, Texas, Missouri, and Wisconsin, the governor still has veto power over at least one bill that we have considered to be of “high priority.”

Colorado: A bill that creates an alternative response pilot program that a county can utilize when it receives a low-risk report, related to an at-risk adult.

Texas: A bill establishing that assisted living facilities cannot be located in the 500-year floodplain if they are in a county with a population of more than 3.3 million, are a commercial enterprise, and have two or more residents.

Missouri: Bill that establishes COVID-19 liability protection.

Wisconsin: Bill that would require the Governor to direct $150,000,000 from the moneys received under the federal American Rescue Plan Act to nursing homes and assisted living facilities that apply to DHS for a one-time payment. The payment may be used for purposes including capital projects and integration into the statewide health information exchange system, however, fifty percent of the payment must be used on bonuses to staff

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