Residential Assisted Living Industry Update

Just another way that we are empowering and supporting residential assisted living owners and operators, RALNA is now tracking bills and regulations in all 50 states that impact assisted living. We’re here to provide you with the vital information you need.

Residential assisted living owners and operators from across the country have joined forces together with the Residential Assisted Living National Association to solve our nation’s senior living needs. We care for seniors and we think of our member associates like family.

In order to help you run your businesses more effectively, RALNA is excited to announce that we have taken steps to fully operationalize our Legislative and Regulatory Tracking service for our members. We will now be tracking bills and regulations introduced in all 50 states to determine whether there are any proposed legal changes that will affect our industry.

RALNA is the only national organization watching out for new rules important to residential assisted living homes.

Not only that, we will provide regular updates to our members, send action alerts if something is happening in your state, and provide educational information when appropriate to make sure legislators understand the RAL industry.

This is just one more way that RALNA is making sure that residential assisted living voices are heard!

Here is what has happened in 2020…

COVID-19 has created a flurry of government activity in many states this year. In fact, there were 467 bills introduced and 190 laws passed in 2020 that directly affect assisted living.

The Residential Assisted Living National Association understands the impact that legislative activity can have on your assisted living operations. That’s why we’ve started a nationwide legislative and regulatory monitoring program. We want you to know when legislators are working on laws that may affect your operations, and we want you to know what you can do to make a positive contribution to the legislative discussion.

Figure 1 – Top 10 states that enacted assisted living-related laws in 2020.
Figure 2 – assisted living-related activity in all states.

Expect to hear from us at least once each month with updates on legislative activity relevant to the industry.

And if you haven’t yet joined us, consider joining our community. Membership is FREE.

The Residential Assisted Living National Association represents the interests of small assisted living providers. Our mission is to help small assisted living homes get the resources they need, give them a voice at the national level, and improve the quality of service delivery throughout the industry.

Through membership, you become part of a family ready to support and guide you to solutions in your business and receive direct access to investors, trained care personnel and qualified operators.

This nation is facing a huge challenge with the wave of baby boomers soon to be relying on assisted living. We are here to meet that challenge head on and we want you to be a part of the solution.

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