September 2019

RAL NAT CON is only a few days away! This is our premier event and an opportunity that you really can’t afford to miss out on.

Network with like-minded RAL owners, lenders, investors, equipment and support service providers, and many others in the assisted living space.

This convention is your opportunity to position yourself for success in this booming market and become a part of the best solution for senior housing in America.

The 2018 Convention sold out fast & there are only a handful of tickets for 2019. Do not miss out on your opportunity to be a part of this incredible event.

This Month The Focus Is Health Tips For Your Seniors

Helping Seniors Stay Active and Engaged

Retirement affords more time for activities and hobbies, but it can also bring about the conditions for greater isolation and solitude. While seniors in residential assisted living are surrounded by other people on a regular basis, the need for genuine connection and interaction remain. This is why it is important to keep residents socially stimulated and physically engaged.

Pro-Tips for Senior Health and Wellness

Senior health and longevity are dependent on so many factors. One simple tip to addressing a number of these health factors is to offer your residents opportunities for yoga exercise. With so many varieties of yoga, including ‘chair yoga’ for seniors with limited mobility, there is no reason not to explore this activity for the health of your RAL residents.

Music Therapy for Seniors in Assisted Living

Music therapy has been adopted by psychologists for years and it can be especially effective when dealing with age-related issues like chronic pain, memory impairments, depression and general stress. Many of us have benefited from music therapy without even recognizing that it was therapy. Help your seniors with this amazing tool to relax, while engaging the mind.

Join countless RAL managers across the nation and put your RAL
business on the map.

The RAL National Association gives you the chance to market across our vast network of RAL homes, placement agencies, trainers, suppliers and investors.

Take advantage of this opportunity for your RAL business and explore the many other essential benefits of RAL National Association membership today.

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