The Evolving Regulatory Framework for RALs

Brian Pinkowski, President

We have had an opportunity to be behind the scenes with the development of legislation in Colorado recently where we supported the Colorado Assisted Living Association with its legislative proposal to separate small assisted living from the regulations designed for the large facilities with hundreds of residents. The proposed bill to separate small assisted living homes from the big box regulations failed in the most recent legislative session, but it created the foundations for a meaningful discussion to create a more rational legislative and regulatory environment for the small assisted living homes.

I’ve recently been involved in conversations with Colorado State Senators Joann Ginal and Jessie Danielson on the question of how to develop legislation for the assisted living community that goes beyond the simple health department notions of “we dictate – you perform” to encompass the interaction of the agencies and private sector players involved with Medicaid, and how current legislation and regulations obscure responsibility (or blame) for resident care.

I will keep you informed as this develops in Colorado and as we become involved in other states.
RALNA members know that the regulatory environment affecting assisted living has been changing rapidly due to COVID 19 and other factors. RALNA members receive a legislative update from Michelle A. Pinkowski, Esq. at least twice each month in the newsletters from RALNA’s Executive Director, Molly Tennant.

Let us know when your state legislators begin tackling assisted living legislation and see how we can help.

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