April 2022 Newsletter

Time To Spring Into Action

Don’t you just love spring? The days get longer and warmer and the cold gray skies of winter fade into the rearview.

For many, spring provides an opportunity to reset and re-engage. There is a greater sense of positivity, hope, and potential for the future. Could there actually be legitimacy behind this yearly phenomenon?

Although not medically defined, spring fever has been documented by poets for centuries. Most people experience an increase in energy and vitality, along with a feeling of restlessness associated with the end of winter.

According to Michael Terman, director of the Center for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms at Columbia University Medical Center. “It begins as a rapid and yet unpredictable fluctuating mood and energy state that contrasts with the relatively low winter months that precede it.”

Science or not, this apparent change in mood can offer an incredible opportunity to capitalize on. As our mood improves, so does our ability to motivate ourselves and each other toward our goals.

This can also be a great time to re-engage with your team or staff, to raise quality and boost productivity. Take the time to invest in those around you and watch the fruits of your effort grow. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work, so be sure to check in with the people who help create your success.

Do Good and Do Well.
The RAL Academy Team

Employee Spotlight

Meet Isabelle Guarino-Smith

As the Chief Operations Officer of the Impact Housing Group, Isabelle has overseen the development and expansion of the RAL Academy, RAL National Association, RAL National Convention, Pitch Masters Academy, Recovery Housing Academy, and a number of other successful businesses that help entrepreneurs make impact investments in their communities.

Isabelle graduated summa cum laude from Arizona State University. After working for a number of Fortune 500 companies across the country, she moved back to Arizona to help her father, Gene Guarino, founder of the Impact Housing Group. She sought to help him build his dream of changing senior housing in America for the better.

Initially motivated by the desire to provide quality assisted living for Gene’s mother, the whole family rallied around the cause. It soon became apparent that the lack of quality assisted living facilities worthy of our nation’s seniors wasn’t just a local issue but was ubiquitous across the nation. The demand for a new paradigm and business model was clear.

The Guarino family got to work. Years of research, hard work, and partnering with industry experts yielded a unique and replicable model for building successful, quality residential assisted living businesses. The answer to meeting this industry demand was established, and the mission of Do Good and Do Well was born.

Personally, Isabelle is motivated by her passion to serve those in need. Whether seniors, the housing insecure, or entrepreneurs looking for a better life for their families, she finds the needs of those around her and looks for the best ways of meeting those needs.

Earlier in her career, she found inspiration while on mission trips to Jamaica and Kenya, observing the spirit of people who lived and loved with their whole hearts, in spite of difficult conditions. These life lessons of gratitude and the desire to give back have given her vision to move boldly and compassionately in her current role at the Impact Housing Group.

Now, more than a decade since its inception, the organization is continuing to thrive under Isabelle’s leadership. Her passion for investing in others culminates in her own deliberate and focused personal development. She loves to learn and keeps her skills sharp with high-level mastermind groups like Leadership Boardroom, the HERO coaches summit, and Power Room.

As she affirms, “I can always be growing. I never want to stop the pursuit of being my best self in each and every moment.” “If you are not continually looking to improve the way you move in the world, what are you doing?”

We couldn’t agree more, and our entire team is excited that she is bringing this passion and experience to the stage as our main presenter at the RAL Academy 3-Day training events.

In an industry where lovingly caring for seniors is paramount, Isabelle shines. She is a blessing to those around her and an incredible example for those who want to make a difference in their communities.

Our team couldn’t be more proud of her and her leadership, and we are so excited to see where this next chapter of life will take us.

It is truly a rare thing to work for someone who genuinely cares, and takes opportunities daily to make those around them better. For Isabelle, it isn’t a job, it is a chance to make a real difference in the lives of others and build a lasting legacy that would make any father proud.

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Your Start in Residential Assisted Living: Teamwork

The residential assisted living industry boasts one of the greatest investments for any opportunistic entrepreneur. The return on investment alone is alluring, but what makes this investment different from so many others? The answer is simple, it’s the people.

RALA Success Stories: Kevin and Heather

Doing Good and Doing Well is the motto of the Residential Assisted Living Academy. This motto is quickly becoming a reality amongst students who attend the 3-day fast track course. “Coming out to that 3-day really opened our eyes so much to the potential…it was invaluable to us.”

Strategies for Retaining Your RAL Staff

Finding the right people to work in your RAL homes isn’t always the easiest task, so when you find the right people you want to do everything you can to hang onto them. Retaining quality staff is important, and so is using the right tools and strategies to make sure that you are taking care of the people who are taking care of your residents.

The RAL Academy is the nation’s premier training resource to help novice and seasoned entrepreneurs to take advantage of the incredible investment opportunity in Residential Assisted Living.

Explore Our Numerous Training Opportunities Here

Begin your journey in residential assisted living with our certified training course from the comfort of your own home.

Learn how to turn a single-family home into $5k-15k CASH FLOW every single month!

Every day, 10,000 Baby Boomers are turning 65, and 4,000 seniors are turning 85. This trend will continue for the next 20 years, requiring a continuous demand for quality senior living homes. This is the biggest growth sector of a generation – and best of all, the financial opportunity doesn’t depend on what the markets are doing!

We have trained thousands across the nation on how to do just that with our proven RAL Formula™. Whether you are looking for supplemental income or a new path in your career, the investment opportunities in Residential Assisted Living are undeniable.

The Residential Assisted Living Academy is America’s #1 source for senior care investment & business education, and we’re ready to train you for success.

If you are a RAL owner, or looking to become one, this is an event you just can’t miss!

When you are changing lives, you want people in your corner who can support you and bring greater success to your business. So join us this fall at the RAL National Convention!

Latest RALNA Legislative Updates

As a RAL National Association member, we advocate for you. We’re here to support you and bring you the latest information you need for your RAL business. We partner with organizations to help the development of legislation in many states, with the purpose of improving senior care across the country. Check out our blogs to stay up-to-date on legislative changes affecting our industry.

Is Your RAL Team A Dream?

Is Your RAL Team A Dream?

Most of us have had the experience of being on teams that just don’t work. Whether from poor leadership, inadequate training, or individuals simply in the wrong positions, a team can only achieve maximum potential when it is working together. How is your team?

Making A Difference with The Little Things

We all want meaning in our lives to make an impact that matters. But sometimes, it starts with the small things. Whether in business or personal life, often the small things make a huge impact. Here are some simple, meaningful things to consider.

3 Ways to Get Started in Residential Assisted Living

You don’t have to be an expert in real estate to make your RAL dreams a reality. Novice and experienced entrepreneurs alike have used our unique and proven model for building quality residential assisted living businesses. They have found incredible success all across the country, and they are building legacies for their families, serving their communities, and inspiring others who want to do good and do well.

Do you want to learn the secret to their success? Find out how investing in residential assisted living can give your family the comfort and security they deserve.

You won’t find a better business for the next two decades. Start building your future today.

If you want to learn more about how to get started go to RAL101.com right now!

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