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Creating Home with Jill Vitale-Aussem and the Eden Alternative

What is home?

Home is where we create a life without the influence of outsiders. We have a routine and a sense of security. We raise our children and live with a sense of pride in our home.

But what happens when that independence goes away?

This is the struggle that each and every elder goes through when they enter assisted living. They don’t usually come by choice, and when they do arrive, it can be a struggle to make them feel secure again.

Check out this previously recorded webinar with the Eden Alternative President, Jill Vitale Aussem. During this Q and A style webinar Jill and Molly discuss the three plagues: Loneliness, Helplessness and Boredom. As well as, teachings from the Eden Alternative on how to eliminate these plagues from your care home.

Jill has decades of experience in assisted living but nothing has taught her more about the transition of older adults into assisted living than her personal experience of surviving a hurricane in Mexico. Listen in and learn just how important it is to understand the 3 plagues and how they lead to unnecessary diagnosis in seniors.