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Dementia Care Training

The RAL National Association is happy to announce that you have access to the most in-demand tools and training to improve dementia care and meet the education requirements for your staff.

The Demential Care Education Kit includes:

  • Access to Teepa Snow group learning modules:
  • PAC Skills Make the Difference, Dementia Care Provision and/or Becoming Dementia Aware
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Certificates of Completion

This platform is brand new to the Teepa Snow program and will require each of your caregivers to be registered for use with their own portal. When you click the button below you will be forwarded to a form that will allow you to enter all of your caregivers information.

After their information is received we will manually enter them into the program. From there, they will receive a follow-up email with directions on how to access the group courses that are available to them.

About This Dementia Care Training

Click the button below to access all three courses from Positive Approach to Care

PAC Skills Make the Difference

This training covers care techniques for more positive interactions, positive physical approach, learning to ‘partner with’ rather than ‘doing to’ for shower / toilet / eating / hand-under-hand, progression of Demential (Teepa’s GEMS).

Dementia Care Provision

This training covers techniques for improving staff knowledge to minimize resistance to care, view behaviors as challenges in communication or expression of unmet needs, decreasing medication use, falls and combative behaviors with a non-pharmalogical approach to dementia care accidents, elopement, and on the job staff-related injuries.

Becoming Dementia Aware

This training covers  introducing dementia and its progression, understanding common changes to expect with Alzheimer’s, learning about other types of dementia, understanding brain function, learning the basics of Teepa’s care techniques. In addition learn techniques for positive physical approach, hand-under-hand, and cues that work. Finally, avoid common mistakes due to vision changes.