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Fair Housing, Zoning and HOA's - What you Need to Know with Michelle Pinkowski

The Fair Housing Act is a valuable tool for you when looking for a location for your RAL. Zoning regulations, HOA rules, and deed restrictions must comply with this Act, which protects you and your residents from housing discrimination.


Listen in to this previously recorded webinar with attorney Michelle A. Pinkowski as she discusses how the Fair Housing Act affects where you can put your home and how many residents you can have.


Michelle A. Pinkowski is a principal of Pinkowski Law & Policy Group, LLC, a law firm supporting RALs in land use and licensing issues. Michelle has helped dozens of RAL investors, owners and operators find the perfect locations for their assisted living homes. She is a board member of RALNA and is on the drafting committee for the Facilities Guidelines Institute design standards for residential facilities.


In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What the Fair Housing Act is and how it applies to residential assisted living
  • How to read a zoning regulation in record time
  • How to avoid mistakes in determining the number of residents you can have