webinar with Scott Marketing Group

Webinar with Scott Marketing Group

Webinar is June 18th @ 5 pm PST

Studies show that 97% of consumers go online to find a local business or service and 90% of searchers have not made their mind up about a brand before starting their search. In today’s competitive senior living environment, can those who need your care find you? Do you have a website that allows your residential care home to stand out and stand apart? How can your care home stay ahead of the curve, be marketable and avoid falling behind your competitors? Yes, even the big boxes with their huge marketing budgets!

To ensure your care home doesn’t just meet budgeted revenues but can exceed them consistently with a wait list, join us for Be Found: How to Attract, Convert and Retain Customers with A Branded Website. Owner Operators who do not want to waste their marketing dollars and are serious about improving their bottom line should attend this free webinar. You will learn how a website can propel your residential care home further with tips on converting prospects and building value for both prospects and family members allowing you to exceed your occupancy goals. Your bottom line can’t wait.

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RAL Success Starter Packet

A collection of resources to help the residential assisted living professional maximize profitability and elevate care. Get this free packet which includes instruction related to Dealing with HOAs, Memory Care, Senior Health and Wellness, RAL Marketing, Home Tours, and Dementia.

What You Do for Seniors Matters

This packet is filled with practical and actionable steps to help you do good and do well. Where should we send your copy?