Why Your Business Needs You to Be Networking

Whether your residential assisted living business has been around for a long time, or you are just getting started, networking is crucial to your success. Making connections to support your goals and introduce you to potential clients, suppliers, and partners will make all the difference.

Business networking is not a novel notion – in truth, networking is an age-old concept that is proven to benefit entrepreneurs. 

People have always connected with like-minded individuals to cultivate relationships and enhance knowledge. 

Taking this concept and applying it to business is not only logical, it is also prudent.

What exactly is business networking and how can it help you in your quest as an entrepreneur?

Simply put, it is gathering businessmen and women where information is shared and disseminated to build a healthier local economy. 

Are there differences in business networking that should be considered?


In the process of establishing mutually beneficial relationships, business networking helps entrepreneurs evolve as business owners and with the help of lawyers for commercial real estate, they have their chance to expand their business without facing any legal issues. 

Business networking makes operating in a community a family affair as opposed to the life of a lone wolf.  

Networking can have many faces. Below are three examples of the more familiar faces of business networking.  

1.     Business Seminars
Seminars tend to be well regarded. Entrepreneurs like seminars because they get to learn. One of the most needed elements of entrepreneurship is knowledge, yet it is also one of the most difficult for entrepreneurs to obtain. Why? Entrepreneurs work hard and often long hours. The time necessary for learning is quite limited and doing so in a vacuum (alone) tends to be an excellent bore. Therefore, seminars promise great resources, a positive experience, and meaningful, applicable information directly pertaining to the industry.   

2.     Networking Groups
Networking groups can be phenomenal. Entrepreneurs get to associate with like-minded individuals within their industry and outside of it. They can find supportive networks here that make administration and operation more efficient. Networking groups are also highly active gatherings. Entrepreneurs move about and talk with others. And more, these events are often held during Happy Hour and provide the opportunity to learn from others in a casual and more open environment.   

3.     Professional Associations
Professional Associations are ideal for industry-specific networking and business enhancement. These organizations may charge admittance fees or monthly dues, but most find them invaluable. Assisted living homeowners have found organizations such as the Residential Assisted Living National Association to be valuable. Training, governmental advocacy, and industry experts gather to ensure the healthy expansion of this burgeoning industry. 

Often, an entrepreneur’s networking efforts yield a great return on investment. It is essential to understand the benefits of business networking and how they contribute to increased sales, efficiency, and morale.


Business networking might allow you to create awareness of or keep abreast of your specific industry’s latest trends and technology. 

It also apprises you of the changes in your local economy, which may or may not align directly with state and national economic trends.  

Business networking can also provide you with professional mentors or valuable contacts essential to the operations and administration of your business. These people include:

  • Lead generating connections
  • Staffing organizations
  • Suppliers
  • Bookkeepers
  • CPAs
  • Industry-focused attorneys
  • Financiers/Investors

Intangible, yet incomparable, business networking builds confidence. Entrepreneurs are often considered lone wolves because of the nature of entrepreneurship and their vision for their business. Morale suffers in a lonely environment.

Business savviness is best sharpened in the presence of others. 

Therefore, business networking builds confidence in the entrepreneur, making them even more powerful. 


The benefits associated with actively networking are enormous. Networking is imperative if any entrepreneur seeks to build a robust and lasting enterprise.  

The following are five benefits of business networking in the assisted living industry:

  1. Strengthen Business Connections
    No man is an island – the adage meant to encourage people to work together is entirely accurate for the entrepreneur. Business Networking solves the “lone wolf” syndrome by placing the solitary entrepreneur amid others akin to them. In this atmosphere, business connections can enhance the entrepreneur’s enterprise, thereby strengthening her tedious labor.

2.     Obtain Fresh Ideas
The crevices of one’s mind may be quite creative but not more innovative than several crevices convening. Business networking allows the entrepreneur to obtain novel ideas, hash out ideas or embrace new thought processes – this is phenomenal, and even life-changing as new ideas often come with increased efficiency.

3.     Elevate Your Business Profile
Entrepreneurs, particularly small business owners, do not have the million-dollar budgets to expose their enterprises. Business networking does for them what commercials do for major corporations. Business networking gives the entrepreneur the market potential of everyone with whom they network. Via word of mouth, their business can meet hundreds if not thousands – this is an exponential achievement for the small business owner.  

4.     Ascertain Perspective
Often working in a vacuum, entrepreneurs possess the understanding and exposure of one. However, business networking helps them obtain the knowledge and exposure of the number of people in attendance. What happens in this environment? Perspective. The entrepreneur may have considered things one way but will soon learn it may be a different picture altogether.   

5.     Cultivate Lasting Relationships
Probably one of the most understated benefits of business networking is relationship building. Entrepreneurs find a family among their business associates. They attend one another’s weddings, celebrate children’s birth, graduations, first home purchases, vacation together, and stand in sincere support when one is dealing with challenges.  


Many entrepreneurs can mingle with a plethora of individuals from various industries and thrive. 

However, the assisted living homeowner needs industry-specific information to accelerate their business growth.

Residential Assisted Living National Association seeks to help assisted living homeowners thrive by placing them in groups where they can leverage support to improve their homes.

Assisted living homeowners need to keep pace with regulations when building and operating homes.

Business networking is critical for assisted living homeowners. 

Caring for America’s seniors takes resilience. 

Resilience is built within community settings. 

The Residential Assisted Living National Association exists to provide assisted living homeowners with the support necessary to build homes for America’s growing senior population.

Your free membership will help your assisted living business exceed the norm.

The Association’s cost-free membership provides newsletters, informational blogs, website content, discount group purchasing, and legal support. Contact Residential Assisted Living National Association now, and begin building a lasting network to ensure the success of your senior living business.

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