You Must Keep Your Prospects Engaged

In response to quarantine and social distancing, many residential assisted living operators boosted their social media presence, engaging residents and their families, while drawing in new prospects. Unfortunately, this activity has dwindled in recent months, but it’s the time when it’s needed the most.

Increased web presence and social media marketing are important components that will catapult the success of your residential assisted living business during and after quarantine.

Why have you stopped?

Why are so many assisted living businesses ceasing the strong activity of social media marketing? Do not allow the reopening of markets to deter you in these efforts. We are living in shifting times, and the way to remain constant and in touch is through social media.

In some ways, we’ve become numb to COVID-19, but your marketing efforts cannot be parallel with this or your business will suffer.

What should you do? Simple. Ramp up social media marketing – your online presence is critical for ongoing success.


Families and seniors need help during this international season of social distancing, whether you agree with the mandated strategies or not.

Seniors need support. How so? The pressure placed upon families during this pandemic is crushing parents. The time to seek residential assisted living for your aging parent is now. The overall health and well-being of many communities will be rescued by the presence of residential assisted living homes.

Many aging parents do not need a skilled nursing facility. Being in a small residential assisted living home gives peace to the adult children and the aging parents.

Furthermore, aging parents do not want to be a burden on their children. They know what it is to tend to children during normal times, much more during a pandemic.

Market your business to those hurting – adult children. There is one place most people are spending a lot of time, on the computer and scrolling through social media.

This is why you should not delay, reengage today.


First, pick up where you left off. Continue to tell your story. Tell the story of your wonderful home and keep it simple.

  1. A daily post of no more than 1 to 4 sentences about the happenings in your home is perfect.
  2. Be sure to post images around lunchtime, as many working people are scouring social media at that time.
  3. Videos are great, but keep them short. No working adult has 40 minutes to watch a senior dance.
  4. Provide helpful information, that is user friendly. Your content should be educational so that adult children feel informed when they inquire. Today’s consumer wants to be smart, informed, when inquiring.
  5. Lastly, mind your manners. Respond to people who engage with you on social media. Make a comment, be swift to answer questions, and send a thank you emoji or even an electronic thank you card. Invite them to a virtual tour and ask how you can help.


Make room for an active, consistent social media presence by allocating the appropriate funds in your upcoming budget.

Budget planning is hardly an easy feat during normal times, what will this process look like this year? Budgeting during difficult times can be tricky.

Residential assisted living homes will need to plan for many contingencies.

Marketing should be front and center. The continuance of a “no vacancy” home is contingent upon heavy social media marketing. Truthfully, the need in 2021 will be greater than that of 2020.

So, it may become necessary to hire someone solely for this purpose. This task might need to be more than the task of a caregiver or even the owner or operator. It requires focus and diligent attention. It must be professional and consistent.


Social media marketing does everything traditional marketing does, sometimes better and often quicker.

Also, social media marketing reaches people, the consumer you seek, where they spend most of their time – online.

So, while you compile a viable budget for 2021, do the following to maintain your social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (where you can boost your profile with the help of experts from Instagram Likes Deutsch), even SnapChat.

  1. Extra, Extra Read All About It
    Crafty headlines are necessary. They worked in the 1950s and they work today. People are attracted to buzz words. So, stay current and be creative.
  1. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
    It really is. Pictures catch the eye and tell a story without audio. People love pictures. The faces, the body language, expressions, color, clothing, you name it. It all catches the eye and people begin to put together a narrative. People love to see a story, which is why picture books are so critical to teaching children to read. So, post images that tell a story.
  2. Competition Works
    People love to win a contest. So, host one. Make it short and sweet but engaging. Offer a free day of respite, or an overnight stay, or an invitation to a social event at your residential assisted living home for the winner of some quiz or game you create about your home. Those who follow your social media will gladly participate.
  3. Know Your Followers
    Gather meaningful information from first time visitors and be sure to have a place to store this data. It is invaluable. Ask Amazon. Knowing your customer base allows you to specify your activity to engage them most effectively. You need this data because the more engaged your customer base is the more likely they will join your ranks.
  4. Embed Profile Links
    Profile links should be added so customers can learn about short term promotions being run at your residential assisted living home. Also, people can engage with your business by learning from their own questions. Within your response to their comments, you can embed links that take them to different locations on your social media platform where they can acquire greater information. It works and it works well.
  1. Intentional Exploration
    People love to press buttons. So, allow them to do so. Include multiple buttons, all purposeful that is, to your website. From your social media platform, potential customers should be taken to your website to a specific area. From there, they should be able to explore and find further information, pictures, games, and meaningful content. Be sure you gather meaningful contact information from them as well.


Did you know that the Residential Assisted Living National Association has a database to make your home available to viewers across the country?

At RALNA industry leaders can get legal support, group discounts, useful blogs and so much more.

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Now is the time to poise your business for growth in 2021.

Now is the time to prepare for a 0% vacancy.

Now is the time to instill sound practices that will serve your community during unprecedented times.

Do not delay. Engage socially, now.

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