Making A Difference with The Little Things

We all want meaning in our lives to make an impact that matters. But sometimes, it starts with the small things. Whether in business or personal life, often the small things make a huge impact. Here are some simple, meaningful things to consider.

Remarkable people are not impressive because they want to be – they are unique because they live remarkably.

How one lives their own life is telling.

How is it that the little things seem to create the most significant impact? What disciplines should entrepreneurs and professionals practice to be difference makers?

What matters most becomes very apparent. If you long to live a remarkable life, serving others is the way.

Doing what makes a difference for others is central to living remarkably.

Remarkable people understand that serving others is more fulfilling than helping themselves.

Making life a bit more bearable for someone else fulfills you more than anything. Consider the following acts of kindness as a way to enhance your remarkable life.


1. Be Empathic When You Share Your Thoughts
Conveying your thoughts and opinions is always welcomed by others when done so empathetically. Show genuine consideration when making statements and decisions. Remarkable people regard the experiences of others and how their decision affects others, their families, their livelihoods. Even if you are in a position of authority, empathy removes the arrogance that often manifests with the work position. You are not a tyrant but a genuine, thoughtful leader. When times are difficult, empathetic leaders find subordinates who come to their aid because they understand the leader and the weight of the decision that must be made.

2. Show Humility
Remarkable people admit their shortcomings. While they may be embarrassed, terrified, or feel so incompetent, they recognize their wrongdoing. Humility does not diminish the person before others; it does the opposite. It draws people to the leader. Everyone makes mistakes. It is an arrogant person who shifts blame in these situations or refuses admittance. They may even attempt to hide the error causing further damage to the organization. Remarkable people are not so. Admission of a mistake is but par for the course. They would rather the mistake be publicized, so no one else makes it. Remarkable people do what is necessary for the good of all, not just themselves.

3. Acknowledge Others
Quickness to acknowledge the presence and success of others is not a low quality among the remarkable. Praising others for a job well done, a negotiation well fought, or maintaining the monotony of daily business does not escape the unusual. Praise goes a long way. It builds strength in others – this is what often draws people to leaders and coworkers they find remarkable.

4. Show Gratitude
“Thank You” goes a long way, too. Showing gratitude to others creates an atmosphere of thanks. While this may sound basic, it is crucial, and many organizations suffer harsh environments because gratitude is absent. A grateful spirit sees the best in people, even in difficult or compromising situations. Remarkable people say “thank you” and mean it.

5. Ask For Help
Not a pompous person, asking for help is a sign of intelligence. Great folks have no problem saying, “I’m in over my head” or “OMG, what do we do now?” They know they do not have all the answers. They understand, even if in leadership, they are one big team. Teamwork makes the dream work is often the motto of remarkable individuals. So, when in doubt, ask for help if you want to move closer to living an extraordinary life. Remember, it’s not about you. It’s about everyone.

6. Apologize Whenever Necessary
Saying “I’m sorry” is not a weakness. It’s not sheepishness. It’s humility and responsibility. If you have done something to hurt someone’s feelings or inadvertently made life a bit harder for another unaware, apologize. When it is sincere, people know and respond in kind. Do not neglect to admit your part in causing discomfort for another. Trust is built and fortified when apologies are evident, and a fresh start is a sure thing.

7. Ask For Advice
If you are in a leadership position, it is essential that you know what you know. It is vital that you know what you do not know. You are not a supernatural being. You are a human. Do you want to be remarkable? Ask for advice before endeavoring to do something about which you have no clue. No doubt there are people around you who would gladly provide counsel and support while you are examining the pros and cons of a particular opportunity. Do not neglect to leverage the immense experience on your team. Ask for advice so that your decision does not become their problem – this is living remarkably.

8. Offer help
Just as often as you need help, you should offer it – this is not a weakness. Just as apologizing is not a sign of weakness, neither is offering to help another. Everyone needs support. On any given day, someone can fall behind in their duties or struggle to keep pace with a project. Remarkable people live in service to others – this is the most fulfilling element to them.

9. Be Loving
And the answer is “yes.” You can show love at work. Love is not passion alone. It is also charity and not in a philanthropic way but an authentic and meaningful interaction. Being kind to someone in the professional setting absent of a secret agenda can be felt by the recipient. People know when you have an ulterior motive; however, they also know when it’s genuine. Love is natural – a mark of the remarkable.

10. Know When To Do Nothing
Not every situation mandates a response. The remarkable know when to be silent when to avoid intervening. Good leaders govern themselves accordingly. When they are upset or angry, they are slow to speak. Waiting can be the best tonic for a frustrated mind. Remarkable people do not want to say something that will negatively affect another long-term. Mind your tongue by waiting a bit before speaking.

Standard Characteristics of the Remarkable

The above acts of kindness are consistently evident among the remarkable. But, there is more. Some characteristics tend to manifest among the great. These characteristics are almost like professional DNA; they are consistent and memorable.

  • Timeliness: Many great professionals live by the adage, “to be early is to be one time.” If the meeting starts at 9 am, be ready and prepared by 8 am and in the vicinity by 8:30 am. It should be your aim to be seated by 8:45 am.
  • Clarity: Say what you mean and mean what you say. Be consistent in communication, and the simpler you can be, the better.
  • Positive Attitude: Often called “a check-up from the neck up.” Positivity is the fragrance of the remarkable. Proper perspective affords one to stay positive.
  • Culturally Aware: A considerate well informed understanding of the multi-cultural landscape of the United States and specifically the region in which you live and work.
  • A Promise is a Promise: If you say you are going to do it – do it. Keep your word.


It is said that Marcus Aurelius, the famous Roman Emperor of the second century, considered every act of his life as if it were his last.

If you were to depart in the next 15 minutes, what would you want to be known as your final act? Such contemplation results in meaningful living.

That is really what remarkable people are in pursuit of – purpose.

The purpose is meaningful living – full engagement in daily living is only achievable when the purpose is your guide.

Being remarkable is less about being known and more about fulfilling purpose through serving others.

It is when one is helping that they find the greatest fulfillment – a fulfilled person will be remarkable.

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