RALNA Legislative Update June 28, 2021


Other states ended their legislative sessions, but Pennsylvania has been going strong through the end of June. Pertinent to the assisted living industry, the legislature passed HB 1024 amending the Medical Marijuana Act. This Amendment was sent to the Governor on June 28, 2021for signature.

While medical marijuana has been legal in Pennsylvania since 2016, HB 1024 expands the act to allow residents to designate caregivers to deliver medical marijuana under the following circumstances:

  • The caregiver must be designated in writing by a residential facility that is licensed by the Department of Health or the Department of Human Services;
    • Licensed facilities include a long-term care nursing facility, a skilled nursing facility, an assisted living facility, a personal care home, an independent long-term care facility or an intermediate care facility for individuals with intellectual disabilities;
  • The caregiver must have significant responsibility for managing the health care and well-being of the patient; and
  • The patient must authorize the designation.

Medical marijuana is only authorized for a “serious medical condition” as specifically enumerated by the Act.

Previously, the Act limited the amount of marijuana that could be on hand to a 30-day supply. However, the amendment extends this to a 90-day supply. The amendment also removes the restriction that limited people from acting as caregivers to no more than five patients. 

Members can check the RALNA Legislative Update Tracker for the latest on this bill and the others that we are watching:

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