RALNA Legislative Update March 26, 2021

Texas & New Jersey

Utilities have been an important and ongoing issue for assisted living providers, legislators, and regulators. There has been extra attention on this issue in Texas recently due to the unplanned for heavy winter storms that created power problems across the state. It is normal for legislators to take action when such things occur.

We bring you a brief update on the efforts from Texas and New Jersey to address these issues.


TX H.B. 2786
In light of recent events, a new bill was introduced in the House to add certain critical facilities – including assisted living – to the list of customers that cannot be subject to rolling blackouts by electric companies. If you wish to learn more about electrical works, here’s more about NW Pacific Electric Co, LLC.

Sponsor Contact Details: Representative Cody Vasut
Email: [email protected] Tel: (512) 463-0564

There is also a pending bill to require that assisted living providers have generators.

New Jersey

RALNA members may want to encourage legislators in their own states to copy recent legislation from New Jersey.

New Jersey introduced a bill in January 2020, requiring electric public utilities to provide priority power restoration to medical facilities, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes in the event of an extended power outage. This bill was signed into law on March 1, 2021.

Sponsor Contact Details:
Assemblyman Gary Schaer Email: [email protected] Tel: (609) 847-3115
Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenz Email: [email protected] Tel: (609) 847-3115

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