RALNA Michigan Regulatory Update, July 17, 2022


Michigan is preparing to propose rules to clarify incident reporting for intentional or unintentional events, such as elopements and medication errors, that result in physical or emotional harm to residents in Homes for the Aged.

The pre-proposed regulation has not yet been filed by the MI Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs to the Secretary of State at this time, and RALNA members have an opportunity to get involved before the state commits to a course of action.

The regulation will require that a home for the aged must implement and maintain a quality assessment and performance improvement program and that the program is responsible for reviewing and evaluating incidents, identifying effective means to correct any deficient practice, ensuring resident safety and quality of care, and improving procedures.

The pre-proposal will require that the program is reviewed annually by the administrator.

The licensee must investigate and maintain records of any investigation of incidents. These records must be available to the department for review during complaint investigations.

The contact for the pre-proposal
Tammy Bagby with the State Department of Regulatory Affairs.
[email protected]
Tel: (517) 243-9351

Incident reporting is a very important issue for RALNA members and we encourage you to get involved in guiding the evolution of this regulation to ensure that the final regulation is rational for the community.

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