Our 10-step staff retention plan for your ral home

Retaining Qualified Staff For The Residential Assisted Living Home

Why staff retention matters? In this article we share our 10-step retention plan that educates industry owners on how to move past excuses and create solutions.

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Employee retention is trending in the residential assisted living industry. Workforce turnover tampers with quality care –, especially amongst long-term caregivers. Providing person-centered care means prioritizing the preferences of people. Quality care only happens when healthcare workers have time to build positive personal relationships. Unfortunately, high turnover amongst long-term healthcare employees prevents person-centered care.

Residential Assisted Living National Association (RALNA) strategically developed a system to support owners with employee retention. We’ve pioneered a 10-step multi-layered structure that provides the key elements to retain qualified staff for successful senior care.  Without these techniques, assisted living homes are unable to provide residents with high-quality-personalized care. RALNA’s legacy of consistent innovative research and maintaining our finger on the pulse of the industry is what makes our content the heartbeat of assisted living. To summarize our employee retention strategies, we’ve outlined this easy-to-read blog to give readers a quick glimpse into our unlimited resources and research.

People are prone to quit, so why focus on staff retention? When owners recognize the relevance of retention strategies, they win! Minimizing caregiver stress is proven to increase productivity. Happy caregivers have positive impacts, generate positive reviews, and build a pipeline of business referrals. Happy employees seldom quit. This is why retention strategies must be implemented and monitored regular – they benefit the business, the residents, and the employees.

RALNA Staff Retention Solutions

Our 10-step retention plan educates industry owners on how to move past excuses and create solutions. RALNA strategies create successful solutions that work. Visit: www.RALNA.org for our complete comprehensive content. Most caregivers actually care, they want to do a good job, be productive, feel fulfilled, and be recognized. When these attributes exist, satisfied staff become a direct correlation to satisfied residents. This is why homeowners must consciously provide tools for staff retention, such as proper rewards. Incentives like compensation, benefits, tuition reimbursement, professional development, and mentoring programs are RALNA strategies that streamline solutions. Staggering bonuses for retention, recruitment and staff are extremely effective solutions, also.

Solutions as simple as operational and training check-sheets remove workflow guessing games and unwanted uncertainties. Professional nursing environments, fast food restaurants, lawyers, mortgage companies and many others use check-sheets, but most assisted living homes don’t. There are many reasons why we should. Check-sheets allow Residential Assisted Living (RAL) workers to assign more attention on building positive relationships. Check-sheets also suggest that owners and managers know what’s required on the job. Utilizing detailed check-sheets is a solution-oriented technique to create a productive and pleasant workflow.

In addition to check-sheets, professional development promotes effectiveness and loyalty. Department of Health and Human Services websites offer certifications for managerial and caregiver positions, in most states. However, RALNA offers ongoing online courses, industry support, and national conferences. RALNA has created a check-sheet to help improve caregiver performance nationwide.

RALNA Strategies at Work

RALNA’s proven method for Retaining Qualified Staff for The Residential Assisted Living Home also includes the importance of effective communication and friendly relationships. The complete comprehensive guide developed by RALNA says a good communication plan should include at least the following items:

  • Clearly setting detailed task expectations and adhering to them;
  • Setting schedules and allowing some flexibility for personal needs;
  • Seeking feedback to optimize the operation;
  • Quarterly updates to staff concerning operational changes;
  • Allowing staff to communicate with you via the manager, or directly, to voice issues and concerns;
  • Eliciting residents and their families’ performance reviews of your caregiver and your overall operation, and sharing these openly; AND
  • Setting goals and measuring achievement.

These success strategies are unlimited. In addition to the mechanical steps associated with communication skills, it is also important for owners, managers and staff to maintain positive communication styles. RALNA’s complete comprehensive methods for retaining staff revolves around attitude, communication, growth, dependability, productivity, initiative, creativity and annual performance reviews.

Our members repeatedly rediscover why our well-developed retention strategy has a 25-year proven track record of success. Our objective weighting system, which includes a step-by-step staff review, enables owners to measure results and compare progress.

RALNA provides concentrated training and education, legal services and advocacy, improved industry standards, and buying power that saves our members money. We also offer locator services to market your assisted living home. As your voice in the industry, we remain far ahead of the business benchmarks. We provide legal updates, RAL education, training techniques, employee certifications, and all things that spiral around the assisted living industry.

Employee retention will stabilize the lifeline of your business. Employee retention is trending because assisted living cannot survive without it. Employee retention is a critical component amid unlimited resources and endless support that RALNA provides to help industry leaders do good and do well.

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