Using Residential Assisted Living Care to Prevent & Reverse Dementia

The residential assisted living industry has the potential to provide quality care for seniors with dementia that could prevent and reverse symptoms. New research supports care that is not centered around mediation alone.

Alzheimer’s is the 3rd leading cause of death next to cardiovascular and cancer, and researchers are rapidly looking for a cure.

Can seniors with dementia actually recode their brains? It costs the United States alone about $300 billion annually to care for seniors experiencing cognitive decline. This expense alone could bankrupt Medicare within the next 15 years.

This is why the Residential Assisted Living National Convention places emphasis on quality dementia care.

The organization recently featured one of the country’s best cognitive care physicians.

Dr. Dale Bredesen is internationally recognized as an expert in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. The Caltech graduate is also a New York Times bestseller. As author of “The End of Alzheimer’s,” he explores the first protocol to enhance cognition and reverse decline at any age.

According to Bredesen, “about 45 million people currently living will die of Alzheimer’s disease, if we do not intervene – this affects 15-percent of the population.”

Unfortunately, over 400 clinical drug trials have failed.

8 Dementia Drug Tests that Failed FDA Approval

  1. Dimebon
  2. Semagacesta
  3. Rosiglitazone
  4. AN-1792
  5. Alzhemed
  6. Flurizan
  7. Rember
  8. Bapineuzumab


The residential assisted living industry has the potential to make a huge difference in the advancements of dementia care for seniors and treatment. Alzheimer’s disease is based on how plaque affects the brain. According to Bredesen, the brain has a masters switch for Alzheimer’s, which means there is a potential cure.

Bredesen says, in order to develop the perfect Alzheimer’s drug, seniors need an entire comprehensive protocol. He says physicians and researchers must impact more than 1 variable. In other words, drugs alone are not the end-all solution for cognitive decline.

His theory is proving effective. Quantitative assessments on multiple seniors diagnosed with dementia showed dramatic improvement in patients who went through Bredesen’s process.

His trial theories are proving successful for prevention and reversal of cognitive decline, despite rejection from researchers who continue to focus on precision medicine.


There are many measurable things residential assisted living homes and memory care for seniors like Summerfield Memory Care of Roseville can do to help reduce the global burden of dementia. This is an important reason why Bredesen is on the Residential Assisted Living National Association board of advisors.

The residential assisted living industry can actually be the platform for improving cognitive decline in dementia patients worldwide by providing high-quality memory care such as care for seniors with dementia. He says, the earlier we start, the quicker we’re able to prevent and reverse dementia.

Steps to Take for Dementia Prevention and Reversal

  • Training for personnel
  • Offering prevention for residents’ children
  • Optimizing critical contributors such as nutrition, biotoxin, exposure, vascular support, sleep, brain training
  • Consulting with specific practitioners
  • Key tests for each resident
  • Brain health coaches
  • Targeted games
  • Public relations regarding improvement

Instead of watching the decline of dementia in seniors, memory care services, residential assisted living owners, operators and caregivers can support recovery.

Start by exploring the book “The End of Alzheimer’s,” to begin recoding and precoding seniors with dementia.

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