December 2020

The Future Is Now

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” ― C.S. Lewis.

The “ending” is your “future,” and YOU get to decide what that is going to be starting right now! That is incredibly exciting and powerful to know that you are in control of your future. You also get to determine how you react to everything that comes your way.

Happy, sad, fulfilled, empty, connected, alone?

The future you want will likely require you to do some things that will make you uncomfortable at times. True growth comes through the challenges you face and the “comfortableness” they create. Embrace that and know that you are in control.

You also have the option to bring others along with you too! You have the ability to choose all of that and to design it starting right now.

Personally I choose to be happy, to be fulfilled, to belong and to be a part of a family. We call that “family” The AL Family.

We are glad you are a part of it too and we are looking forward to our future together! You can’t change the past but you can choose your future starting right now!

Do Good and Do Well,

Gene Guarino,
Founder of the AL Family

Why Should I Invest in Residential Assisted Living?

The residential assisted living industry combines the best option for aging seniors with the best opportunity for investors. This a growth market that is set to reap significant returns for decades to come, while providing a much needed service to the most vulnerable in our communities.

Entrepreneurs: Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

If something is worth doing, people will find a way to do it. Unfortunately, many new entrepreneurs let fear stop them from moving forward. So, how do business-minded individuals take the leap of faith?

Why Is Smaller Better in Assisted Living?

When it comes to business and investing, bigger is often better. But not in senior housing and assisted living. The business opportunities in residential assisted living are incredible and here is why…

The RAL Academy is the nation’s premier training resource to help novice and seasoned entrepreneurs to take advantage of the incredible investment opportunity in Residential Assisted Living.

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For the next 20 years, the best investment in real estate and business is in senior housing!

There is a reason that thousands of experienced & novice entrepreneurs have turned to the Residential Assisted Living Academy for insight and training on how to capitalize on this remarkable investment opportunity.

America’s #1 source for senior care home investment and business education, the Residential Assisted Living Academy is ready to train you for success.

The senior housing market is only expanding and will continue to grow for the next two decades. This is one investment opportunity that you cannot pass up.

December 11-13, 2020

March 5-7, 2021

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January 29-31, 2021

April 16-18 , 2021

The same great training and interaction, right from the comfort of your home or office.

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A Word From RALNA’s President

The Pandemic Character Test – The Future is Now.

This unprecedented period has been a real test of character for many small business owners. This is especially true for the assisted living business sector. Those who are able to confront the challenges and stay focused on care of the residents are making big strides. Many are even expanding their business and their operations during 2020.

The beauty of the assisted living business is that the owners and operators are constantly focused on NOW. They are focused on the present moment for themselves and the present moment in the lives of their residents.

They are not typically focused on the past.

The pandemic character test is separating out those who have built their future growth into their daily operations, and those who have not.

In both cases, their future is now.

You can focus on daily actions for growth or daily actions to simply handle the daily tasks that life puts on you. It may seem subtle at first, but that change can make a big difference.

As I said, many of our members are thriving and expanding during the Pandemic Character Test. We raise our glass to you and admire you for seizing the day!

Of course, it is not too late to build a future of growth into your daily business operations.

We have many professionals ready to help you seize the day and design business expansion into your daily activities. Once you have done this – your future growth is now.

-Brian Pinkowski

Check out our new and improved RALNA website

It has been updated with the best resources & benefits for your RAL business.

We Know You’re in The Right Business

Out of all the options seniors have when they enter their twilight years, residential assisted living is truly the best. Not only because it affords them the comfort and freedom to thrive, but because these homes are run by passionate people like you, who know what it is to do good and do well.

Connection with Distance Over the Holidays

The holidays have arrived, and the pandemic has imposed a new normal for everyone. Simplifying the holidays can cause your assisted living experience to be warm, treasured and well-received.

You Must Keep Your Prospects Engaged

Families and seniors need help during this chaotic season of social distancing. Increased web presence and social media marketing are important components that will catapult the success of your residential assisted living business during and after quarantine.

Connect with us on social media to stay up-to-date on everything the RAL National Association is doing. We are stronger together.

New Marketplace Vendors

Ruby is the dedicated teammate that makes each conversation better for you and your clients.

From virtual receptionists that greet callers, transfer calls, take messages, book appointments and perform intake to 24/7 live chat specialists that engage website visitors, answer FAQs and transfer leads to your team.

We’re like the modern version of a handwritten thank you note. Something you do because it’s the right thing to do, not because you have to. We give your clients the personalized service and interactions they deserve, making meaningful connections that help your business grow and thrive.

The big thing we do is a hundred little things that help owners cultivate great relationships with clients—from first impressions to lasting loyalty.

Easy & Effective Social Media Marketing for Senior Living Communities

From one of the leading social media marketing agencies in the healthcare industry.

We make senior care communities shine on social media! Increase your census by reaching more prospective families, strengthening relationships, and improving your reputation in your local community.

Never worry about what to post.

Fun and relevant social media photo ideas for your staff and residents are shipped directly to you!

Speed Up The Process By Learning From An Expert

Learning is an investment in YOU. What’s better than learning from an expert who does what you want to do and is willing to show you how step-by-step?

We’ve all learned how to do things one way or another whether through books or experience. You have to decide where you want to be, and how you want to get there.

No matter what the answers to those questions are, I highly encourage you to invest in your education every step of the way!

Find out more and start learning today at RAL101.

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