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Working to Tackle the Traffic Boogie Man

Brian J. Pinkowski, Esq., President How much additional traffic does a Residential Assisted Living Home (“RAL”) generate in a residential neighborhood? This is a question often raised by cities and neighbors when a new RAL is proposed for a residential neighborhood. The national standard used by cities to determine the potential traffic impact is from …

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Granny Get Your Gun

Granny Get Your Gun!

California (D) senator Anthony J. Portano recently wrote legislation about gun safety in senior living homes. Is this actually an issue or are politicians politicizing senior care? Should industry leaders and caregivers be concerned about guns in assisted living homes at all? Seniors do commit suicide at an alarming rate, but the new legislation is unwarranted and lacks needed research.

The Future of Senior Housing is Small

The Future of Senior Housing is Small

Dr. Bill Thomas is an author entrepreneur, and physician whose wide-ranging work explores human aging. Best known for his health care systems innovations, he is the founder of a global non-profit focused on improving care for seniors and the creator of “The Green House.” He reminded us that there were once only three flavors of ice cream and now there is “infinity.” His message to us was that we should expect an increase in “niche” demands for senior care.